MFH Turns Into Digital Finance and Hires Merrill Lynch’s Former CTO Mr. Andrew as the Technology VP

March 20th, 2020 at 8:38 am UTC · 2 min read

MFH Turns Into Digital Finance and Hires Merrill Lynch’s Former CTO Mr. Andrew as the Technology VP
Photo: MFH

MFH (Mercurity Fintech Holding Inc, Nasdaq: MFH) has completed its new personnel appointment, hiring Mr. Andrew Banhidi, the former CTO of Merrill Lynch as its Vice President of Technology, who will be responsible for the group’s technology strategy. It marks that MFH has launched a comprehensive strategic transformation, entering into the field of digital finance driven by blockchain technology.

Ms. Zhou, Chairman and CEO of MFH, said:

“We have launched the new management team, aiming at successfully completing the strategic re-orientation in a short time. Members of the new management team have rich management and practical experience in asset digitization, cross-border remittance, blockchain technology, etc. We believe that under the leadership of Mr. Andrew Banhidi, the company can expand the digital finance business globally.”

Mr. Andrew Banhidi is a senior Wall Street technical expert. He has been deeply involved in the financial industry for more than 20 years. Before joining MFH, he served as the CTO of Bank of America Merrill Lynch for 9 years, running the operations of global equities, sales, research and investment banking. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Andrew Banhidi was responsible for overseeing the construction of the entire electronic trading system, the messaging system for cross-asset APIs integration, and the trading tools for cross-asset processing. Additionally, he served as the chief technology officer and executive vice president of Instinet Corporation and vice president and executive & development director of New York Stock Exchange System of Goldman Sachs.

MFH is a digital financial services group driven by blockchain technology, aiming to build a global unified asset trading marketplace via asset digitization, so that global assets can have unlimited flows round-the-clock. The group’s business scope covers digital asset trading, asset digitization, cross-border remittance, etc., and it is committed to providing customers with compliant, professional and efficient digital financial services. MFH has been always deeply engaging in the field of digital finance and promoted its deployment in financial strategy. In early March, MFH successfully acquired NBPay, a cross-border remittance platform, and constantly expanded the strategic area of digital finance. This time, the new management team of MFH will further promote the implementation in the digital financial ecosystem.