Moontography to Offer Multiple Decentralized Tools in One Platform

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Moontography to Offer Multiple Decentralized Tools in One Platform
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Moontography is aimed at making sure that the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology are enjoyed by everyone.

Almost everyone has heard about the blockchain technology in one way or the other. It offers luxury and convenience that people ordinarily can’t afford on the centralized internet and the traditional means of exchange and transaction. In addition to that, blockchain offers a suite of limitless possibilities. For instance, anyone can easily manage assets running into thousands and millions of dollars on the blockchain without fear of censorship. 

A person’s investments and transactions are completely under the person’s control; no fear of third party interference. Also, there is a place for democracy and transparency in that no one person can take a decision that can affect the whole set up. However, in spite of all the endless potentials of the blockchain space, not everyone has come to appreciate it for what it truly is. One of the reasons is that carrying out transactions can be complex sometimes. 

This complexity arises from the fact that multiple tools are required to complete a transaction on the decentralized space. And sadly, there have been few – if any – platforms that offer all these tools in one place effectively. This is where Moontography enters the picture.

Moontography seems to be aimed at making sure that the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology are enjoyed by everyone. This is being achieved by lowering the barriers to entry and eliminating intimidation within the space. The project is currently solving problems within the space by offering tools which the average crypto user can employ in dealing with daily challenges on the blockchain. The good thing is that all the tools are offered on one platform. Here is a quick insight into some of the tools Moontography offers to crypto enthusiasts and the blockchain community.

Atomic Swap

This tool allows other platform owners to offer one-to-one token swapping to their holders. Swapping can take place across multiple chains like BSC, ETH, MATIC and KCC. Very obviously, using this feature on Moontography is very easy and involves a few clicks 

Farming as a Service

With this utility tool, platform owners can create staking programs for members of their community and reward them for holding your token. Rewards can be paid in any token of choice.

Decentralized Tax Reporting

This tool helps in calculating profit and loss for all crypto transactions and makes all profiling for tax purposes without requiring knowledge of the person’s identity. You can peg your tax to be paid in any currency without intrusion from a central source.

Decentralized Code Storage

This tool allows programmers, software developers and engineers to store up their source codes directly on the blockchain without having to allow centralized platforms like Github and Gitlab to control their data.

Blockchain File Storage

What most people don’t know about NFTs is the fact that only the data signatures are stored on the blockchain while the data themselves are stored in a centralized location on the internet. Moontography offers a tool that makes it possible to store the actual art data on the blockchain without the fear of change or loss.

Decentralized Password Manager

The Moontography platform allows users to store online account information directly on the blockchain via their decentralized password management tools. Other platforms which had made similar attempts used a centralized approach and had been breached severally.


The Moontography Airdropper tool is probably the cheapest and easiest way to Airdrop tokens to the community members of any platform. Project owners can spend less time worrying about scripts to run affordable Airdrops and more time focusing on the project.

Trusted Timestamping

Timestamping has been around for a long time now. It is the process of validating a piece of art or data, particularly a photo or video to show when it was created or when the events that necessitated them occurred. Since blockchain transactions cannot be changed or erased, it becomes the best alternative to storing up such information as a proof that such a piece of art ever existed. Moontography also offers a tool to make this happen.

In a Nutshell

With Moontography, it appears one can perform a whole lot of transactions related to the blockchain in one go. What’s even more interesting is the fact that there are many more tools to look out for on Moontography. The team behind this project seems ready to roll out tool after tool from time to time. 

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