MTI: How AI Bots are Shifting Trading Dynamics

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MTI: How AI Bots are Shifting Trading Dynamics
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Trading bots are extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions that use complex IT and programming algorithms beyond the scope of human reach.

It’s fair to say that crypto’s ecosystem has added a new dimension to the traditional market. One of the most obvious changes is its volatile nature, as prices change more frequently, significantly, and faster than traditional markets. In addition to that, the crypto market never sleeps. Cryptocurrencies can be traded at any hour, any day, unlike the stock market.

These characteristics could prove lucrative for every investor. However, the never-sleeping nature of the market could also add a bit of worry for traders. Since the market is active the entire time it’s only human to miss out on at least 6-8 hours of market activity, which means missing out on great opportunities and even bearing losses – which is what inspired the invention of automated trading.

What Is Automated Trading?

Automated trading is a process in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms called trading bots are used to make trades on behalf of people. Trading bots are advanced computer programs that can analyze market conditions 24/7 and take actions such as selling or buying according to patterns and predefined trading strategies.

Automated trading is a popular practice in the stock market, where 75-80% of all trades are estimated to be done by trading bots. Given how markets function, these AI bots make trading more efficient and resolve the aforementioned problems to a great extent.

Problem Solved with Automatic Trading

Trading bots are extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions that use complex IT and programming algorithms beyond the scope of human reach. Typically the solution has only been available to a selective few with bigger spending budgets, which has created a gap in the market between investors of different financial capacities. Hence, companies like Mirror Trading International are filling this gap and making automatic trading accessible for every investor. Being well-versed with the subject is not a necessity, however, MTI goes a step ahead and provides educational material for all users to indulge in their members’ portal.

Automatic Trading Made Easy and Accessible

MTI’s trading bots stay active 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and execute advanced trading strategies with maximum precision and no room for error, which ensures minimal risk and optimal profit. Users can track daily trading settlements, and withdraw funds at any time.

The use of automated trading allows Bitcoin to accumulate daily and according to the data collected between September 2019 and June 2020, MTI was able to provide its users an average daily profit of 0.49%. This type of convenience and transparency not only encourages existing investors to delve into automatic trading but also invites new investors to jump on the bandwagon.

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