Mycryptoview: New Platform to Learn Cryptos and Earn Tokens

On Mar 19, 2020 at 10:02 am UTC by CoinSpeaker Staff · 3 min read
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Photo: Shutterstock

Mycryptoview is a platform where people can actually learn from one another and talk about their investment decisions. All the actions on the platform bring bonuses to the contributors.

Cryptocurrency is known to most people as a worldwide phenomenon and some claim it will eventually supplant fiat money, thus changing the paradigm of the world economy. With this shift towards the digital, the only question is: how soon?

Being blockchain believers and crypto traders ourselves, we can identify pain points of people who want to invest in cryptos: lack of expert knowledge, information overload and get-rich-quick schemes with enough potential to dampen any enthusiasm right away.

In this article, we introduce a new tool that can fix these problems. We developed Mycryptoview as a place where people can actually learn from one another and talk about their investment decisions. It is also obligation-free: simply leave a question and someone will pick it up to tell you about their experience. Plus, if you post on Mycryptoview, you get a bonus from us. And why not earn crypto while learning about crypto? A definite win-win!

Why Should You Choose Mycryptoview?

Fake reviews and spam are deal-breakers. Spam scares away new users and more experienced traders will just come and go as they see through the fake content.

How Mycryptoview is different from other projects of the niche? We take transparency of the platform seriously. We encourage users to participate in polls to tackle fake reviews. Fakes will only be taken down when Mycryptoview community outvotes them. Companies are not able to delete any reviews about them – this can only be achieved through collective polls.

You can choose various roles on the platform: ask or answer questions, initiate polls, write reviews, claim your account if you are a crypto business or an influencer. You may also invite your peers to join the community in referrals.

You Can Invest Mycryptoview Tokens

Now let’s add a few numbers. As you know, all the actions on the platform bring bonuses to the contributors. Our MCV tokens will be listed on exchanges after ICO and token holders can trade MCV for other cryptocurrencies.

If you feel like it, leave a review of your favorite crypto or your wallet – this will earn you 50 MCV. Asking or answering questions – that’s 50 MCV each. For being helpful, you get 50 MCV and the best-rated answer receives 300 MCV.

If you’re a crypto business, you can claim your account and get 400 MCV for cryptocurrency, 400 MCV for cryptocurrency card, 400 MCV for crypto exchange, 800 MCV for crypto news and 400 MCV tokens for crypto price monitor. Influencers receive 800 MCV when they claim their accounts. Whenever a company invites users to join the community, it will earn 120 MCV.

At some point, you may want to invite some of your friends to the platform. That’s 80 MCV for you and 80 MCV for the people you invite.

Users are eligible to vote in polls if they have 150 MCV in their platform wallets. After the public release of the platform, the rewards will change.

Can you help us improve the platform? We need your insight! As we are on the public beta right now, some features of the website may not work correctly. We are on the lookout for a keen eye that can help us upgrade Mycryptoview. Drop us a line – we love to discuss ideas!

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