The New Investment Age The Beginning of the Pre-ICO of the Nousplatform

Place/Date: United Kingdom - November 20th, 2017 at 9:14 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: Nousplatform

The rise of a new decentralized economy has fundamentally changed financial markets. Due to becoming an attractive investment instrument, cryptocurrency has become an integral part of the portfolios of the private investors and hedge funds. The new trend on the market will pave the way for the gradual replacement of the classic investment format by investments into tokenized assets.

Rapid growth of the crypto assets market creates the demand for decentralized investment funds based on blockchain technology. But, as in any other business, a huge opportunity creates the whole array of challenges, and a team of Nousplatform founders came up with a solution to overcome them.

The Nousplatform – is a platform for collaboration between decentralized investment funds and investors. Its purpose is providing transparent, honest and secure interactions between all parties. Project opens up a completely new approach for creating and managing investment funds, that are based on the blockchain technology, thereby providing transparency of the fund’s performance, secure and decentralized safekeeping of the investor’s’ assets, without use of any intermediaries or their services. The platform has combined all the best qualities for making the financial market understandable and accessible for everyone.

The Pre-ICO

The Pre-Sale of NOUS tokens, which were released on the Ethereum blockchain according to ERC20 standard, will start on the November 30, 2017. You can acquire them at the rate of 8000 NOUS tokens per 1 ETH. By Pre-Ordering you can buy tokens with a 50% bonus, which equals to 9600 NOUS tokens per 1 ETH. These tokens will be credited to the account on the first day of sale. The Soft cap is $1.6 million at the Pre-Sale stage. The total maximum amount (hard cap) within the ICO is $25 million in the fiat equivalent. We expect the growth of the NOUS tokens value after the launch of the platform due to the increasing number of funds, created on it, and a number of registered investors.  All unsold tokens after the ICO will be permanently terminated.

The Nousplatform – is a first breakthrough towards the opening of free investment into any managed tokenized assets.