Ninneko, the NFT Role-Playing Game All Set to Launch the Staking Feature, Promises APR Up to 300%

Place/Date: - May 16th, 2022 at 8:09 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: Ninneko

Play-to-earn games have gained popularity, especially with their unique earning opportunities using cryptocurrency. Multiple games offer interesting features in terms of NFT characters or metaverse. One such addition is Ninneko, a P2E gaming platform with its unique NFT role-playing feature based on the Binance Smart Chain. The publisher has announced specific information about 2 pools in this Staking feature. Ninneko players are looking forward to the NINO staking launch with its APR (Annual Percentage Rate) increasing up to 300%.

What Is Ninneko?

ninneko staking

Ninneko is an engaging and unique BSC-based NFT role-playing game where players can earn profits by nurturing Ninneko and building lineups for defeating enemies with their PvP or PvE battles and campaigns. The platform combines Idle RPG gameplay and a Breeding system to create a unique NFT game.

Ninneko Token

The NINO token follows a token economy model using blockchain technology. The BEP-20 token complements the game-play and is distinct from conventional Idle games with its unique Breeding system. The token distribution follows the Fair Launch distribution model. It aims to allow all holders and players to purchase NINO tokens at the same price in IDO and private sales.

With such lucrative offerings, Ninneko developers are constantly trying to introduce unique updates and events to engage all the participants. The platform recently launched the Guild War Part 1 update. Now, the developers are all set to reveal interesting events in May.

Ninneko will launch NINO staking, players are eager when APR promises to increase up to 300%.

300% is an impressive number that makes players look forward to the staking event!

After the successful update of Guild War Part 1, Ninneko’s publisher goes on revealing interesting events in May, including Staking NINO.

  • With the Staking mechanism, players holding NINO tokens will lock their existing tokens, then receive staking rewards and other benefits. From there, players can also generate additional income and continue to increase the value of the token. Ninneko has announced the implementation of the Staking mechanism with a total fund of up to 9,600,000 NINO.

ninneko staking

  • Especially with this Nino staking event, Ninneko will have 2 options corresponding to 2 pools:

Pool 1: Unlimited and flexible pool

– You can stake and earn interest every day

– The first 24 hours of staking will not earn tokens.

Pool 2: Pool with a 3-month term.

– Tokens will be locked while the pool is open.

– Limit of $NINO that can be staked: 7,200,000 tokens

– This pool will last for 3 months, with a minimum APR of 100% and an infinite maximum APR.

– After pool 2 ends, you can get your tokens staked and interests, vesting in 1  month

Resonating with this staking event, Ninneko again makes players expect a boom in the near future. The publisher predicts that with this staking event, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) could be up to 300%.

Since the publisher started to announce the Staking event this time, a series of groups on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter…, many players have been talking about and intending to choose Pool 2 to maximize profits and also affirm their long-term commitment to the project.

ninneko staking

In particular, in addition to the above Staking event, it is only the beginning of May, but Ninneko has immediately released offers for Newbies so that they are no longer disadvantaged when they join in the game late. Newbies will have the opportunity to purchase items which are reduce 1/3 time of ROI and purchase items for only 30% of the retail price. This also means that Newbies will be favored to reduce two weeks of playing the game less than usual.

For more information about Ninneko, visit the following links: TwitterTelegramFacebookDiscordYouTube.