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OpenAI’s ChatGPT New App Clocks Over 500K Downloads in Less Than One Week

UTC by Steve Muchoki · 3 min read
OpenAI’s ChatGPT New App Clocks Over 500K Downloads in Less Than One Week
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The OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has integrated Whisper, an open-source speech-recognition system, to enable voice inputs.

The rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is to a great extent unrivaled. Already, the AI research company has unveiled a remarkable application, currently running on iOS products, to help its customers access the products seamlessly. Having been in the market for about six days, the ChatGPT app on iOS has ostensibly been downloaded by more than 500K users. As a result, the new ChatGPT app outperformed other developers’ YTD, despite the existence of other competitors.

According to data analytics platform, only Trump’s Truth Social managed to attract such huge attention in a small time earlier last year in such a short period.

In the early stages, the company promised that the ChatGPT application will be free to use and free from ads to enable seamless adoption. As a result, ChatGPT app users can input voice commands to get generative texts from a well-trained mode. Basically, the ChatGPT application is meant to operate like its desktop counterpart with all features.

ChatGPT and the Market Outlook

The OpenAI developers announced the new application is currently available in the United States and a few other chosen markets including Europe, South Korea, and New Zealand. However, the company indicated the rollout program to other markets is underway as the officials work on regulatory approvals.

“With the ChatGPT app for iOS, we’re taking another step towards our mission by transforming state-of-the-art research into useful tools that empower people, while continuously making them more accessible,” the company noted during the launch of the iOS application.

With the application, users can get tailored advice including travel plans, cooking, and messages. Notably, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can access GPT-4’s capabilities through the mobile app. Currently, ChatGPT plus subscribers are expected to pay about $20 per month to access the services.

The company has indicated that an Android version of the ChatGPT is slated to launch soon. Moreover, the company intends to have a global reach despite some jurisdictions being skeptical of AI adoption. Furthermore, the company has noted that AI is here to help people increase their productivity and not completely take over their jobs.

The future of artificial intelligence is so huge that funding in space has proliferated more than the crypto industry in the recent past. For instance, a generative artificial intelligence platform and a huge OpenAI competitor Anthropic closed its Series C funding round with about $450 million led by Spark Capital and with Google and Zoom as top participants.

Nevertheless, OpenAI has a huge portfolio of investors including Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars to enable integration with its Azure supercomputer.

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