BitcoinIRA is the world’s first company that allows customers to purchase Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for their IRA or 401(k) retirement accounts. The platform works with leading fintech professionals to provide secure, high-quality cryptocurrency options.

Bitcoin IRA is a turnkey, full-service solution to purchase cryptocurrencies while maintaining full IRS compliance. The service includes setting up a qualified cryptocurrency account, rolling over funds from an existing IRA custodian, executing a live trade on a leading exchange and then moving funds into a secured, multi-signature digital wallet.

Bitcoin IRA cryptocurrency retirement accounts are approved by the IRS as qualified retirement accounts, where growth accrues tax-deferred. In a July 2017, Chief Operations Officer, Chris Kline stated that in its first year, the company averaged a million dollars of monthly inflows. And as of today, the company does the same volume of business in a single day.

Bitcoin IRA is privately funded and based in Los Angeles.


Google Officially Presents Its Pixel 4, Its Stock Rises
October 15th, 2019

Google’s hardware event came with a lot of expectations that were met and a few pleasant surprises as well. The company’s stock has risen.

Premier African Tower Operator Helios Raises $364 Million in Low-key IPO
October 15th, 2019

Helios Towers Raises about $364 million in its Initial Public Offering which has been low-key due to choppy market conditions.

Coinbase Plans Europe Expansion after Securing e-Money License in Ireland
October 15th, 2019

Getting of the Irish e-money license is a major milestone for the crypto trading platform Coinbase and its European expansion.

Investors Commit Staggering $735m into Singapore Fintech Deals
October 15th, 2019

The fintech industry is booming as shown by investors in Singapore who poured a record $735 million into financial-technology deals representing a 69% surge from the prior-year period that had $435 million.

Amun and Binance Launch BNB ETP on Swiss SIX Stock Exchange
October 15th, 2019

Binance’s token BNB has been featured to serve as the underlying asset for a new Exchange-Traded Product in partnership with Amun AG.

Grayscale Investments Receives FINRA Regulatory Approval
October 15th, 2019

Grayscale Investments has received regulatory approval to publicly quote shares of its diversified crypto fund.

Libra Association Claims It Has 180 Candidates to Join the Row of Its Members
October 15th, 2019

Though some giants left Libra, the Association claims that it has nearly 1500 potential candidates to join. And 180 of them meet its strict requirements.

CME Group Says Institutional Players Have Increased Appetite for Bitcoin Futures Contracts
October 15th, 2019

According to the CME Group, big institutional investors have increased their need for futures and options offerings by more than half.

5 Major Automakers Beginning Field Testing of Automatic Blockchain Payments System
October 15th, 2019

It has been revealed that Initially a vehicle identification network developed within the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative will be tested in the US.

Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Is Not a Threat to Bitcoin and Blockchain
October 15th, 2019

While the theory of Quantum Computing has raised concerns on its ability to decode cryptographic data, the developments made by Google are far from challenging the Bitcoin network.