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Peer2group Announces Partnership with Komodo

March 16th, 2018 at 6:25 am UTC · 2 min read recently agreed to distribute 10% of its tokens, which will aim to be released before summer 2018 backed by a legal entity, for an undisclosed amount. is a cryptocurrency fund supported by a legal entity, which will get income from all business projects. will have its token released before summer 2018.

This project consists on a wide range of business models that don’t require to handle cash, allowing the group to achieve an accurate digital approach to business while also focusing on filling the gap between fiat and crypto.

The 4 Business Lines Being Actively Developed by the Group

Peer.2cash, a fiat gateway for a distributed economy and DApps, which has been working in beta version for last 24 months and it’s now being scaled., our approach to supporting Komodo Platform as a nextgen technology platform for financial freedom and privacy. The group is engaging in Notary nodes elections at Komodo to become part of Komodo backbone technology., a crypto card program to empower digital independence. The roadmap is gradually coming to life in three phases. First by allowing to send funds to any credit/debit card in the world (which accepts it). 2nd by allowing to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with credit/debit card. 3rd by issuing a branded card for our users., a competitive white label marketplace for Exchangers and OTC traders, which aims to build a platform that will allow people from around to world to engage in buying and selling cryptocurrencies as a profitable activity.

Regarding its distribution, tokens will be distributed before summer to collaborators, partners, employees, and investors. Holders will have the ability to exchange at any time the tokens they hold against the corresponding % stake accumulated in the fund after performing a KYC process. Alternatively, holders could also sell the tokens on exchanges where listed, which would include the in-development decentralized exchange by Komodo team (Barterdex).



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