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Phala Network Joins the Blender Developer Fund to Accelerate Metaverse 3D Modeling and Rendering

January 18th, 2022 at 10:26 pm UTC · 3 min read

Phala Network Joins the Blender Developer Fund to Accelerate Metaverse 3D Modeling and Rendering

Phala Network today announced that it has joined the Blender Developer Fund as a Corporate Gold Member. Participating alongside companies including Intel, Microsoft, AWS, Nvidia, and Adobe, Phala will contribute its decentralized Web3 compute services to Blender’s ( powerful 3D modeling platform so that organizations can develop and scale their emerging Metaverse worlds.

With a global decentralized network of blockchain-based confidential compute nodes, Phala offers high-performance compute services for 3D modeling and rendering. Phala’a worker nodes will host the Blender rendering service in Secure Enclaves, a distributed privacy technology embedded in modern processors. This enables versatile and confidential execution while creating a powerful, secure, and scalable trustless public computing cloud.

In November 2021, Phala announced its core product – Fat Contracts – a generic programming model to build decentralized services beyond the capability of today’s blockchain smart contracts. As an infrastructure technology, Fat Contracts provide decentralized computation for backend services in Web3. The Phala team showcased its preliminary Fat Contract functionality at the December 2021 Substrate Seminar.

The Blender partnership enables Phala to offer low-latency, high-performance rendering and compute services at a lower cost than traditional cloud services. At the same time, Phala will provide workstation-level computation power for 3D artists to build the Metaverse. Phala has also been developing its own native Metaverse – Phala World – that will use Blender’s 3D technology for maximum visual impact.

About Blender and the Blender Development Fund

Phala Network Joins the Blender Developer Fund to Accelerate Metaverse 3D Modeling and Rendering

Blender User Interface.

Blender is an open-source 3D modeling platform built for content creators. It sits at the center of 3D workflows used by artists and builders around the globe. In 2020 alone, Blender was downloaded over 14 million times. The dedicated Blender subreddit boasts nearly 500,000 members and over 100 books focused on the tool have been published so far.

Creators use Blender to sketch, design, build, and polish virtual environments and characters across dozens of platforms, including Decentraland. Blender is GPL licensed, ensuring that the code will remain a free, public good for all time. It protects the developer and user community from malicious patents, hostile forks, and lock-down attempts.

The Blender Development Fund was created to help provide the world with best-in-class 3D technology, with Blender at the core of its offering. The Fund helps to provide grants and subsidies to developers and contributors working on all aspects of Blender, from one-off projects to broader initiatives put into motion by the board of administrators.


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