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Plant Exodus – the 3D NFT Game Is Going Big in April with Super Listing Event

April 18th, 2022 at 10:25 am UTC · 3 min read

Plant Exodus - the 3D NFT Game Is Going Big in April with Super Listing Event

Plant Exodus, the leading P2E turn-based RPG game, is pleased to announce that it will list Plant Exodus’ Token ($PEXO). The Super Listing Event is not only a huge milestone for Plant Exodus but also an expected event for all NFT gaming communities. The game design team desired to set a new standard in GameFi economy and save investors, and gamers’ benefits so they delayed their timing a little bit to make sure that the event will be done nicely with rich promo content.

Plant Exodus immerses players into a world of its own with illusory creatures and interesting gameplay. It’s a story of plants and flowers, in a faraway forest East of the underground river, some plants have evolved into conscious creatures. Some of them, aggressive insects, birds, and animals, always try to find a way to threaten and bully the Plant Tribes. As a part of the rebellion plan’ Plant Tribes, players will build a combat team and fight to find the promising land.

A few days ago, Plant Exodus opened its 2nd public sale event with a total 50.000$ allocation. The Super Event will bring more opportunities for players, investors, and NFT enthusiasts in this Super Listing Event. Participating in Plant Exodus game and Holding $PEXO token will maximize NFTs. Plant Exodus users could trade, invest and withdraw in-game NFT assets and benefit from the process.

Plant Exodus - the 3D NFT Game Is Going Big in April with Super Listing Event

Plant Exodus CEO Andy comments on Plant Exodus Super Listing Event:

“We are aiming to list on an ambitious crypto exchange that is ready for big changes in the future. Plant Exodus pays great attention to the value of the community and the value of users of crypto exchange. This is completely consistent with our vision from the beginning – community is the top priority. That’s the reason why Plant Exodus delayed progress to choose the best crypto exchange and the right timing. Plant Exodus is confident to bring new changes to the industry, both from the gaming community generally and NFT community particularly. Plant Exodus leverages a two-token economy model, sharing economy, and an NFT marketplace and will feature new gameplay modes with a turn-based style. The game is developed and built by traditional game design experts in Binance Smart Chain.”

Super Listing Event is just the beginning of Plant Exodus Metaverse Big Plan in 2022. The turn-based RPG game features NFTs to ensure a Truly-play and Truly-earn GameFi project. Players can enjoy gacha system, breeding feature, crafting, upgrading with many appealing financial incentives

About Plant Exodus

Plant Exodus is an illusory-themed, relaxing, and aspiring GameFi project developed by an enthusiastic team with various years of experience designing traditional games and working in blockchain industry. Plant Exodus brings a sharing economy to Play-to-Earn NFT Game, allowing players and the community to earn in new ways.

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