PnxBet Offer Instant Crypto Transactions, and Payout $42 Million in Winnings Since Launch

June 22nd, 2020 at 8:07 pm UTC · 3 min read

PnxBet Offer Instant Crypto Transactions, and Payout $42 Million in Winnings Since Launch

Online casino and sportsbook Pnxbet now offers instantaneous crypto deposits and withdrawals to make its user experience more streamlined. This new feature caps off a strong start to 2020 for the company, who passed multiple company milestones and simultaneously recorded exceptional growth. The company also paid out over $40 million USD to its users in the form of betting wins, and promotions in the first half of 2020.

Instant Transaction Game Changer

The new PnxBet website transaction times now enable the instant deposit and withdrawal of all supported cryptocurrencies, and faster transaction times for fiat bank transfers. This function is a game changer for online players, as it significantly cuts down waiting time for players to quickly fund their accounts, and withdraw their winnings.

The new transaction times schedule for Crypto, bank transfer, and e-wallet payments are:

  • Bitcoin: Instant 24/7 transactions, Monday to Saturday
  • Bank Transfer: 10am – 8pm GMT, Monday to Saturday
  • E-Wallets: The same day, 10am – 8pm GMT, Monday to Saturday

Slow or delayed site transactions are a well known pet peeve for all online gamblers, with wait times of hours or even days a regular occurrence. Pnxbet have once again taken decisive action to address this long-standing issue.

PnxBet Grows as Players Win Big

Back in April 2020, the world was in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. With all sporting events cancelled or postponed, PnxBet made the executive decision to invest heavily into the emerging market of eSports.

By filling the huge gap left in the market, PnxBet were able to provide an exciting new option for the community, stimulate new growth in an emerging market, and set the trend for the future of online gambling.

This choice proved decisive, with Pnxbet announcing an astounding $117 million in bets made since its launch in November, 2019. A large part of thissuccess is a result of popularity of the sites’ eSports games, with a staggering 560% growth in total bets placed on eSports.

PnxBet are not the only ones profiting from the emergence of eSport though. Users of the pioneering sportsbook have taken away an impressive $42 million in winnings since the site launch.

South East Asia: The New Playing Field

PnxBet have also recorded another milestone in the fast-growing South-East Asian market, by passing 100,000 users in the region, which consists of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and CIS countries.

Players in this region are already reaping the rewards for switching to PnxBet, with one player from the Philippines winning massive PHP15,000,000 ($300,000) on Baccarat back in April.

Live Casino and Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Users making their first PnxBet deposit are eligible for a 75% Live Casino welcome bonus up to $500. After claiming the bonus, and making the deposit, the bonus will be awarded automatically to the user’s account. Players can also take advantage of the 100% Sportsbook Bonus up to $100, where the same rules apply.

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