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Bitverse Incorporates Soul-Bound NFTs with Unlimited Privileges

November 9th, 2022 at 1:06 pm UTC · 3 min read

Bitverse Incorporates Soul-Bound NFTs with Unlimited Privileges

The demand for aggregated and trustworthy Web3 data sources continues to grow in a market where knowledge and innovation appear almost constantly across numerous chains and ecosystems. Security in Web3 has also come under scrutiny as a result of the year’s record-high number of large crypto asset losses. While several solutions directly address these problems, Bitverse offers an alternate approach to wallet security and delivers optimized Web3 data at your fingertips.

Bitverse is a data-driven protocol developed to deliver an all-in-one Web3 experience for users, enabling the monitoring, aggregation, and security of Web3 data, applications, and assets.

Bitverse leverages a robust infrastructure that fosters the optimized distribution and recovery of sensitive Web3 information and an optimized data algorithm model that facilitates data monitoring, aggregation, and analysis from multiple Web3 sources.

Bitverse focuses and offers three primary services in one wallet interface – Wallet services, Chain/Portfolio Tracking, and Data Aggregation for Optimized DApp recommendations. The Bitverse Wallet is a decentralized wallet based on the MPC multi-signature, which is secure, reliable, and free of private key records; the On-chain/Portfolio tracking tool delivers real-time updates on popular dApps & tokens and allows users to add, track and explore the current and historical data of any on-chain addresses; and the Data Aggregation tool mine popular/latest airdrop information in the Web3 space. These key features amongst numerous others make for a fully integrated We3 experience.

The launch of Bitverse will incorporate unique genesis NFTs, which are soul-bound NFTs representing each user’s identity within the Bitverse ecosystem. The genesis NFTs will grant users numerous benefits/privileges and play vital roles in upcoming Bitverse campaigns ranging from free-mint NFT, airdrop access, rewards incentives and discounts, etc. The genesis NFTs will be linked to users’ Bitverse wallet addresses and users will be issued once after completing the wallet registration. It is important to note that the genesis NFT is soul-bound to users’ Bitverse wallets, which means it isn’t tradeable nor transferrable

The Bitverse ecosystem launch is set to be announced in the coming days alongside a rewarding campaign to mark the upcoming World Cup Event. Holders of the Bitverse Genesis NFT will enjoy all the associated benefits for this campaign, and others to come. For instance, for the upcoming Bitverse “Predict & Win” World Cup event, users will be able to select a team and free-mint 1 WC NFT powered by their Bitverse genesis NFTs.

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