Predator Brings Ultimate Crypto Investment Opportunity and Yield Rewards

Place/Date: - August 4th, 2021 at 3:58 pm UTC · 5 min read
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Predator Brings Ultimate Crypto Investment Opportunity and Yield Rewards

The cryptocurrency market has attracted mainstream attention this bull season and as per one survey the number of crypto users has doubled in the past 6 months to reach 221 million. DeFi has continued its phenomenal run in 2021, with several blockchains now offering dApps and DeFi protocols hosted outside of the Ethereum network. Binance Smart Chain is one such blockchain that has managed to supersede Ethereum and has now become the most popular choice for DeFi launches.

Even the least known tokens and meme tokens with no use case and trillions in supply have managed to increase their market cap substantially during this bull run. But the run is short-lived and non sustainable as the majority of such tokens – like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – have lost more than 70% of their gains within months. This is where Predator, a new BSC-based DeFi protocol has managed to leave its competitors behind. The new upcoming token has formidable tokenomics and an all-in-one ecosystem that offers DeFi services such as staking, yield rewards, and an NFT marketplace of its own, allowing users to purchase NFT tickets to sports events as well as NFT collectibles relating to their favourite sports.

The creators of the project describe it as a true predator in nature, taking on another identity at every milestone. It can and will not be stopped until it takes its ultimate shape at a $1 Billion market cap. The skilled and dedicated Predator team is fully committed and determined to make the Predator grow and prosper. The project is set to make its debut on Pancake swap on August 6.

What Separates Predator From the Rest?

Not a Doge, not a Shiba, this is Predator. Predator introduces ultimate BSC tokenomics, focuses on (extreme) sports, and will become the industry’s cryptocurrency leader. Predator is not just a crypto, it’s a brand. The Predator Token will launch in early August 2021 on PancakeSwap. Predator’s tokenomics are a combination of the winning aspects of well-performing crypto projects. The team has added their own little flavours here and there and built the ultimate BSC contract.

The powerful tokenomics of Predator will help him hunt down his prey. Automatic BUSD rewards, buybacks, a burn with every transaction, and so much more. The project takes the aggressive approach In this way to conquer the extreme sports industry, as well as in its marketing approach. The predator will launch its own gym-wear and fitness clothing collections, introduce crypto pay-TV, and set up an NFT ticketing system for sports events.

The project also supports a different charity project each month, aimed at supporting endangered predator populations globally. This month’s charity is working to save the thinning wolf population across the US due to the recent government orders to kill wolves. The Predator team is determined to help the wolves population recovery and become sustainable again. They are donating towards their rehabilitation from states where the government has issued killing orders.

Predator would have a limited Total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000)

Every transaction:

  • 4% busd rewards (generating a passive income)
  • 2% to marketing wallet in bnb
  • 1% to charity wallet in bnb
  • 1% burn to the dead wallet
  • 2% manual buyback
  • 3% to the liquidity pool
  • 13% slippage
  • Sell regulation: 90 sec buy and sell delay to stop bots
  • Max tx amount of 0.5%

How to Buy Predator Token on PancakeSwap?

Buying Predator on PancakeSwap is quite simple and a four-step process. Follow the steps mentioned below to add some predators to your portfolio.


For this tutorial, we recommend using the MetaMask wallet, which can be installed as a Chrome extension or downloaded as a mobile application.


Now you need to configure your MetaMask Wallet to work with BSC, so you can trade Binance Coin (BNB) for Predator Token using MetaMask. Here’s a how-to guide for adding BSC To MetaMask.


Now the wallet is set up, you need to add some BNB to begin trading. To add BNB to your wallet, you need to buy it at an exchange where you can trade BNB. For this example we use Binance: now you head over to Binance, register if you don’t have an account yet, and purchase BNB using your native currency.


First, open up your MetaMask wallet and copy your wallet address – you can find this in your MetaMask Wallet, just underneath your account name. It should start with 0x… Head to Binance, and inside your wallet, click on your BNB balance, and after that hit withdraw at the bottom of the screen. You probably need to whitelist your MetaMask address first. Enter your MetaMask wallet address and make sure you send the BNB as a BEP20 token, so you can trade instantly from your wallet.


In your MetaMask Wallet, click on the hamburger menu icon and click on a browser. Use as address and after that, you need to connect your MetaMask Wallet to the Pancake Swap Exchange. To do so, click on the “Connect” button (if using the mobile version of the MetaMask wallet, you may need to select Wallet Connect from the available list). Now you are connected, you should see your BNB balance displayed inside the transfer box. Inside this box, hit the settings icon and change the slippage rate to 14%. Now, enter how much BNB you would like to trade and hit swap!

To learn more about Predator Token visit their website.

For more news and latest updates please visit Predator Discord and LinkedIn. Feel free to join Predator community in Telegram and Twitter.