The Prokey Optimum: Full Review

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The Prokey Optimum: Full Review
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In a recent update to their firmware, Prokey implemented two new features. They include a change in how users enter their PIN number.

We’ve got to be frank with all of you, by the time you’re reading this article, you would’ve heard about a lot of crypto hardware wallets. There are quite a number of them already, we get it. Fret not because today the scales will be tipped towards only one in particular the Prokey Optimum.

The Prokey Optimum is a safe and suitable choice mainly because it’s user-friendly and handles all activities on a single platform. The Prokey Optimum is a great choice to keep and handle your cryptocurrencies safely.

Here’s the simplified flow to this review: we’ll introduce the Prokey Optimum hardware wallet. Then guide you through how it works. There will also be a fair advantage vs. disadvantage concerning the features. Lastly, we’ll lightly touch on setup processes and a special mention of a new feature added in its recent update.

Safety through secure firmwareRelatively small screen
Physical and remote hack protection
Store & manage 1500+ cryptocurrencies
Plug & Play without installing software

Introduction to the Prokey Optimum

The Prokey Optimum is a crypto cold storage hardware wallet providing safe storage means for cryptocurrencies. You can also send and receive cryptocurrencies with it.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Prokey started as a startup company with operations beginning in 2019. The founders poured their passion for security and technology into the company and with this, they strive towards being a household provider of accessible cryptocurrency protection.

When you use a hardware wallet, it physically stores cryptocurrencies behind a private key rather than on a memory card or hard drive of a PC. If a device has access to the Internet, it’s susceptible to hacking. There’s no other way around it. However, for cold storage devices like hardware wallets, there’s virtually no connection to the Internet. Meaning all your cryptocurrencies cannot be hacked. But what about physical attacks, you ask? Well, someone still needs your access information to use the device and concurrently, your cryptocurrencies.

Store and Manage 1500+ Cryptocurrencies

We mentioned about being able to store and manage 1500+ different cryptocurrencies. Compared to competitors, allowing users to store and manage 1500+ cryptocurrencies is well beyond enough. In an ideal world, there’s a wallet with the support of all available coins.

You can store and manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, all ERC20 tokens, and many more. Get to see the full list of supported coins by checking here. However, after asking the people behind Prokey, more cryptocurrencies will be added periodically.

What’s Good About the Prokey Optimum

In this part, we’re focusing on 4 positives that the Prokey Optimum features.

Does Everything on a Single Platform

We mentioned previously about the Prokey Optimum allowing users to store and manage over 1500 cryptocurrencies but we did not mention that it’s tremendously convenient to do so without any need for supplementary software installation to use the Prokey Optimum. Everything can be done on and on the Prokey Optimum itself. Just finish the easy setup and you’re good-to-go!

Is User-Friendly to All

The developers have made the Prokey Optimum user-friendly with a clear and smooth user interface and smooth firmware installation. Say goodbye to technical complications or jargon to learn because with this level of convenience, you’re instantly ready-to-go.

Provides the Best Form of Security

Prokey a two-way authentication process (also called mutual authentication). What this process does is it safeguards against the user and their crypto assets from most third-party attacks and real-life tampering.

Keeps Your Private Keys Offline

The very basis of cold storage devices, the Prokey Optimum, unlike hot storage options like software and web wallets, hardware wallets protect your recovery seeds and private keys by keeping them disconnected from the Internet. This also keeps them out of reach of remote-based attacks. Nothing can be hacked if it’s offline. Simultaneously, no one can hack anything written down on paper.

What Improvements Can Be Done on the Prokey Optimum?

Firstly, the Prokey Optimum costs $59. You can’t easily download it like you do with software wallets or go to a website like you do with web wallets. We’d recommend buying straight from Prokey’s store to avoid complications but if you buy from a third-party (resellers, etc.), check if the device is tampered or not by checking the firmware. If it’s installed, it means that it’s tampered with. Should this happen, we recommend checking in with Prokey through their support portal.

Since some software wallets are on smartphones, they are a bane to cold storage devices, including the Prokey Optimum. Each time you send or manage or want certain settings changed on the device, it needs to connect to either a power source or a computer with Internet access. Bottom line, it’ll take more time and effort to transfer funds and do any form of management compared to the convenience of software wallets, especially of smartphones. As such, a direct connection to the Internet would be great, however, that will defeat the purpose of a hardware wallet in the first place.

And finally, when we were using the device to confirm our transfers and changes, the small screen did not help. We understand the small-factor applied in most hardware wallets out there but with the rise of smartphones’ screen growing larger and larger with every advancement, small screens can certainly be looked at as a little setback against what is an already-great hardware wallet. But we know a bigger screen doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Still, they could enlarge the screen a little bit.

Unboxing a New Prokey Optimum

An order of a Prokey Optimum hardware wallet gets you:

  • A Prokey Optimum crypto hardware wallet
  • Two variations of USB cables (one to attach to the device for mobility)
  • Three sheets to write down recovery seeds

A Special Mention of the Recent Update

In a recent update to their firmware, Prokey implemented two new features. They include a change in how users enter their PIN number. Initially, in order to access the device, PIN numbers have to be entered on a computer through the web-based interface. Now, PIN numbers are entered on the Prokey Optimum directly. Since the device has no connection to the Internet, the PIN numbers are safe while they’re entered.

By implementing the update, the Prokey Optimum transforms into a security key. We don’t know about all of you but when devices can cater to more than one kind of purpose, it’s a big win for us. People easily and rapidly adapt to smartphones and then look at hardware wallets. One day, everyone will have a hardware wallet of their own. And we’re recommending the Prokey Optimum as a start.

Closing Remarks

We hope this Prokey Optimum review was easy to read and enjoyable, if not informational. We try to be fair to not just focus on the positive parts and also give criticism to how the Prokey Optimum can be improved. Managing to read this review up to this point, it’s safe to say that you gained a reasonable understanding of what makes a Prokey Optimum a great cold storage security solution for all.

We see the Prokey Optimum as a user-friendly, reliable, and a multifunctional hardware wallet. You can’t go wrong with managing everything on a single-platform, its Plug & Play feature, and ultimately its assurance for both ease-of-access and security.

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