Introducing Real Realm – an Innovative Blockchain-Based Game Technology with Unique Algorithms

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Introducing Real Realm – an Innovative Blockchain-Based Game Technology with Unique Algorithms
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Real Realm is a blockchain-based strategy game.

Real Realm is a war strategy game attracting millions of users. With the growing popularity of blockchain-based gaming, Real Realm is offering an innovative gaming experience. Developed by Rise Studio, the game offers a free-to-play and play-to-enjoy mechanism by using unique algorithms. There is also a play-to-earn (P2E) aspect in the game. During the game, players have the opportunity to collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their NFT heroes – the Mies.

What Is Real Realm?

Real Realm is a blockchain-based game that offers a free-to-play (F2P) opportunity and a P2F (Pay-to Fast) option. Players of the game have various battle modes to choose from. The habitants and heroes of the game the ‘Mies’ have each their own distinctive properties.  A diversity of Mies, events, and battle modes are part of the Realm in this turn-based war strategy game.

Blockchain technology allows for supervision of all transactions and Mies data, which are tracked by prestigious 3rd parties. This will guarantee transparency, a well-known benefit of blockchain technology. In turn, this ensures that all transactions and activities in the Real Realm universe will be public and safe.

Playing the game enables players to recruit, summon, lend, team up, evolve, and co-op their massive collection of NFT heroes. They can unlock various features and play different battle modes and tournaments to expand their kingdom.

With a 3D art style, set in the Middle Ages, players can enjoy the game on their Android/iOS or a PC or Mac version.

In cooperation with Yield Guild Game, a scholarship system will be set up. This allows players with limited funds, to participate in the game.

The Real Realm Metaverse

Mienacia is the land the Mies live in, which runs on the Solana blockchain. Mienacia consists of tokenized plots of land that the Mies NFTs call home and where their playground is. The land is productive and has decorative homes and other utilities.

It consists of 12 different environments, each with different climates and properties. Land plots can be upgraded, allowing for higher productivity and special properties. There is a limited amount of land plots, which makes them desirable to collect and rent. Landowners can find REAL tokens and other resources on their land.

Land plots and Mies can be purchased at the Real Realm marketplace, which runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing for fast and cheap transaction costs.

Opportunity for Pioneer Players

Players who join, support, and start playing the game early on will have the opportunity to earn rewards. A grand total of 3333 unique NFT Mies will be airdropped to players who complete a set of achievements. The 3333 NFTs represent a total value of $500,000 and will not be restocked. This is part of the ‘Pioneers gain the most’ campaign that runs for a limited time.

There are 12 achievements to be completed. Completing all milestones of 4 random achievements will grant a Commander access to one NFT. Thus, each Commander can receive a maximum of three Mies. Distribution will happen on first come, first serve terms.

No One Left Behind

A second campaign involves the ‘No one left behind’ series of special events. This campaign runs all year round. These occasional and special events throughout the game allow players to earn additional Mies or in-game assets.

Occasional events are a set of events happening throughout the year during specific months. The rewards come as in-game assets and SSR Mies.

Special events will happen randomly throughout the year. SP Mies will be awarded only during these events. After the special events have ended, the SP Mies will no longer be available. Rewards for the special events are in-game assets, REAL tokens, and SP Mies.


Real Realm has the native REAL token, which serves as a governance token. The future direction of the game universe can be shaped by casting votes when a player is a REAL token holder.  The DAO governance allows for voting on new features and new NFTs. Before receiving the voting right, REAL holders must stake their tokens for at least 7 days.

The token also allows for trading on the marketplace or to recruit high-class Mies.

The total supply of REAL Token is 1,000,0000,000 tokens, which will not be exceeded. REAL tokens will see an initial circulating supply of 15,800,000 tokens which will follow a vesting schedule.

It is obvious that Real Realm is coming to be a game-changer in the GameFi universe. Play to earn games started a new era for the gaming community and Real Realm is going to be a strong player in this universe.

About Real Realm

Real Realm is a blockchain-based gaming platform that uses unique algorithms to ensure free-to-play and free-to-enjoy mechanisms. The platform features various war strategy games and a diverse way to earn. The universe is made with everyone in mind such that no one is sidelined. Even free-to-play players have many ways to earn.

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