Robeecoin, the World’s First Crypto Token Focused on E-Commerce and Job Building

Place/Date: - September 6th, 2021 at 11:28 am UTC · 5 min read
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Robeecoin, the World’s First Crypto Token Focused on E-Commerce and Job Building
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Robeecoin is a fork of Bitcoin and running an independent mainnet that aims to revolutionize the crypto ecosystem with its use case. It is the first coin that specializes in the e-commerce business and creating employment opportunities. Robeecoin plans to develop RobeeMarket for worldwide e-commerce websites in soon future. So that Robeecoin will maintain its own ecosystem to let people make money and cost money in it.

Robeecoin is operating two projects now,  Robee Alliance and Several business entities have joined the Robeecoin alliance and begin to accept Robeecoin payment. is a platform that provides opportunities for people to make money via their free time  AND help open source projects owner make money to help them maintain and grow their projects. is growing very fast, a lot of source code projects have joined the platform. Recently Deartrend just joins Robeecoin alliance network. Deartrend was founded in 2012 and is committed to delivering quality & most reliable products to customers over the world. Their business is growing faster than the market and is driven by sustainable positive customer experiences.

Robeecoin is developed based on BTC open-source code. It follows the decentralized basic rules of BTC, such as wallet address, block explorer, transparent transaction but anonymous. The difference is that the project has mined all of the coins in advance and control it.

Robeecoin: A Game Changer in Cryptocurrency World

Robeecoin is for everyone, even for store owners. Specialized in E-Commerce Robeecoin offers a great opportunity to have faster business processes and also to get more customers.

Businesses that join Robeecoin Alliance will be listed on the platform’s show list, where they will have exclusive access to an extensive customer base.

This will not only attract more customers and gain profit but will also enhance the listed business’s reputation. Businesses that may need to convert their Robeecoins to fiat currencies will do so by selling them over the Robeecoin platform. Easy, fast, and secure! Because of the low fees, it’s possible to offer discounts to customers paying with ROBEE. These discounts will serve as investments into the future – businesses that give discounts will gain more as the coin matures in the market. Here are some key features of the Robeecoin:

  •  Fast transfers: Transactions on Robeecoin blockchain are finalized in a couple of seconds and cost a fraction of a cent.
  • Rocketboost: Robeecoin is not only a payment method, but also boosts traffic to your eCommerce business by FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Ecommerce: business alliance: The project focuses on eCommerce business and will organize the biggest alliance to make a profit and create employment opportunities.
  • Eco-friendly: No need to mine coins anymore, eco-friendly for the earth. Inherits Bitcoin’s superior security mechanism and inspired by Facebook’s 2019 Libra project.

Robeecoin is not for trading on exchanges for profits. But it offers real business opportunities for coin holders. Once the spot price has been determined, the Robeecoin team will start looking for investment opportunities. As shareholders, Robeecoin will be able to convince more companies to use Robeecoin as a payment method.

Besides investing in companies, Robeecoin is enthusiastic about acquiring ventures in the fashion industry, fast food sector, hospitality field, and travel & transport industry. All acquired businesses will get the opportunity to use Robeecoin as a payment method. The acquisition strategy is essential for establishing a global business ecosystem powered by Robeecoin.

What Makes Robeecoin Unique?

Robeecoin is a new concept that has been cited by various experts in the industry as novel and promising. Unlike other coins, Robeecoin is meant for common people, and its practicability in the business world makes it an exceptional coin with the potential of mass assimilation. Robeecoin does not intend to replace fiat currencies; instead, money generated by the platform will float back into the community and society.

Besides its unique features, the platform plans to leverage sound marketing techniques to attract users. Also, it plans to solve common social problems such as unemployment and poverty.

The project first plans to get listed on spot exchanges to gain a spot value for the token and then they will invest in some profitable industries such as the sex industry, gambling industry, energy industry, gaming industry to earn money. The project will also buy in as a shareholder with some big or most promising companies such as TikTok, Amazon, Walmart to earn bonus shares and ask them to accept Robeecoin. The project will keep investing the profits in new profitable projects to help the value of the token rise and give back to the holders.

Robeecoin is built for common people on earth. The project will cooperate with some professional consulting companies like IBM when the project starts growing successfully. blockchain technology gives us the chance to hold us together to make a miracle and change the world.

To learn more about Robeecoin visit Twitter and Reddit.