KryptoKit Unveils RushWallet: a Fast, Frictionless and Login-Free Bitcoin Wallet

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KryptoKit Unveils RushWallet: a Fast, Frictionless and Login-Free Bitcoin Wallet
KryptoKit launched RushWallet, a new easy-to-use bitcoin wallet that works on all web browsers and mobile devices and unlike other wallets, it doesn’t require any login credentials. Photo: KryptoKit

KryptoKit’s RushWallet allows a quick bitcoin wallet creation, accessible from any device and with full user control of keys.

Kryptokit maker of bitcoin wallet browser extentsion, has launched RushWallet, a new easy of use bitcoin wallet that works on different web browsers and mobile device, it is also allowing near-instant bitcoin wallet creation.

Another notable feature of RushWallet is that there is no need to remember login and password credentials every time you need to spend some money.

RushWallet is Kryptokit’s latest product that lets users send and receive bitcoin payments instantly. In order to create your wallet all you have to do is to use a “color in” feature when you first enter the site.

The wallet gives an option to add a more security, e.g. password. Even though, by moving a mouse over a specific area every user generates a unique private URL.

The wallet does not require login credentials, making losing your URL a big problem, as you can never access your wallet again.

Once you have your RushWallet, you are presented with your bitcoin address and the bitcoin price. You can view your balance, receive or send bitcoins (you can toggle between BTC and USD) and view a transaction history. The transfers are instant and make a beep sound when you receive bitcoin.

Di Iorio specified that RushWallet is much more reliable wallet to use that the now-defunct Instawallet, that has similar features:

“Since then it’s been our goal to come up with a new instant wallet service, and that’s actually where Kryptokit came from. The key is to have an instant wallet that’s very easy to set up without any login credentials.”

Instawallet first appeared in 2011 and had more than a million accounts and was successful among bitcoin users thanks to its to quickly create and use bitcoin addresses.

According to the company’s cofounder, Anthony Di Iorio, KryptoKit does not store any user information, bitcoins, passwords on its servers, because everything stored locally on users’ machine.

Anthony Di Iorio mentioned:

“We never want to hold on to people’s coins. And should anything ever happen to us, you have the full ability to import your wallet somewhere else.”

Its easy to create a new RushWallet through the company’s website. On the site you’ll need to move a mouse around the square to generate added randomness. Though it’s not required there is still an option to create a password for your wallet. Moreover, you can create an unlimited number of new RushWallets and can use them at any time providing that they can remember the secret URLs.

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