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Safinus Platform Will Help Investors with Cryptoassets

January 26th, 2018 at 6:14 am UTC · 5 min read

The Safinus platform announces its pre-sale. Safinus will enable beginners and those who are not experienced in trading or blockchain technology to join profitable portfolios of crypto traders in a couple of clicks. Whereas experienced investors, traders and funds will significantly increase the volume of their managed capital, prove their expertise and attract clients on a global scale.    

Crypto industry is growing at a high rate and brings huge profits. This results in a hype which attracts not only a large investment inflow but also frauds or irresponsible teams. One who has just started investing in ICO projects or cryptocurrency can hardly investigate and understand whether an asset is worth investment or not. Moreover, the crypto market is highly volatile, so if you want to trade successfully at a long distance, you should be expert and understand peculiarities of the blockchain environment.

On the other hand, there are experienced investors, traders and crypto funds at the market who get huge profits but face difficulties with finding new clients and attracting extra capital. This is due to the absence of efficient client searching mechanisms, difficulty to testify their expertise, geographic barriers and impossibility to legalize the relationships.

Safinus comes up with the solution

Safinus will implement essential mechanisms which will unite beginners and market professionals in one community.

1.Investment portfolio mechanism

Crypto trading professionals will create cryptocurrency and ICO token investment portfolios. Their income will be comprised of commissions paid by investors for joining portfolios.

Safinus distributes portfolios on the basis of their profitability that can be checked and proved.

An investor selects an attractive portfolio from the portfolio list and joins it by a few clicks. The investor does not need any special knowledge of trading or crypto industry. He can invest any amount starting at 100 USD.

2.Confidential management mechanism

For big investors, traders will be able to create individual portfolios in order to manage only one investor’s funds under special terms.

3.Voting for cryptoasset addition

Hundreds of new cryptoassets appear at the market every week. The major part of them is of questionable quality. In order to protect the community members, all assets will be included in the platform only after they are approved by affirmative vote of traders, funds and experienced investors.

4.Access to orders of various exchanges

External exchanges will be connected via API platforms so that traders can get offers of all exchanges using one interface. This will make the work easier and save the time of specialists.

5. Safinus exchange decentralization

Exchanges managed by centralized systems are in danger through hacker attacks and they depend on decisions of government regulators. In order to provide the best protection for users, Safinus will implement a decentralized exchange.

6. Trader instruments

The platform will have instruments, strategies and logical conditions that are currently being employed in traditional trading. This will make traders’ work easier and automatic.

7. SAF token use

To launch a portfolio, a trader will need to replenish the balance for 200 SAF. Tokens will be also used for commission payment. SAF tokens will be placed on cryptocurrency exchanges. There will be no further token emission therefore the demand for token will constantly go up while the platform will grow.

How crypto industry will benefit from the Safinus platform

Inexperienced investors will be protected from false cryptoassets and will be free of concerns and doubts about whether they have made a right investment or not. The barriers will be eliminated and everyone who can invest at least 100 USD will be able to become an investor. As a result, crypto industry will get a large inflow of investments from sources inaccessible earlier.

Portfolio managers (experienced investors, professional traders and crypto funds) will be able to find new clients on a global scale via one platform without any issues. Thanks to the blockchain technology, professionals will be able to prove their efficiency and expertise, boost professional growth in the environment and attract extra managed capital.

Fight against fraud and protection of investments of all level clients will make crypto industry to be more honest and transparent in the public opinion. The growth of trust to the market will contribute to the growth and development of the whole crypto community.

The hard cap of Safinus ICO will be 16,000,000 USD. There will be no token emission after the ICO. The token price for the period of ICO will be 1 SAF = 1 USD.

Stage 1. Pre-sale:

  • Dates: from 23rd of January until the 14th of February 2018.
  • 1st day – 50% discount
  • 2-8 day – 40% discount
  • 9-15 day – 30% discount
  • 16-22 days – 20% discount

Stage 2. Main ICO:

  • The main ICO will start on the 2nd of March and go on until the 2nd of April 2018.
  • 1-7 day – 10% discount
  • Starting from the 8th day – 0% discount

There is a bounty program for those who want to get SAF tokens for free.

For more information about the project, please visit our website or see White Paper:



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