Self-made Millionaire and Founder of BusinessNET Shares His Success Theory

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Self-made Millionaire and Founder of BusinessNET Shares His Success Theory
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If you want to earn good money, this list of tips from Ben Simkin, a self-made Australian millionaire and the founder of an online marketing business BusinessNET, is just what you need.

Australian self-made millionaire Ben Simkin shared his success story to attain the title that few people manage to get in their lifetime. Ben who was kicked out of his high school at 16 years-old for hacking its computer system has worked smart in his youth time to achieve his goal of running a $2 billion business.

When he was 20, Simkin taught himself computer programming skills, later he launched an IT and Software company. It was four years later when he got his first breakthrough in the business after he sold the company for a seven-figure.

It was not until two decades later that he founded an online marketing business called BusinessNET, and also a business leadership program popularly called Mastermind.

Looking behind, Simkin has identified key aspects in the modern lifestyle that is hindering most people from achieving the best in their lifetime. After a long period in the hustle, he clearly identifies with the challenges and now has outlined the key points for anyone to generate a million-dollar investment.

Self-made Millionaire Tip No. 1

First of all, you should create your own intellectual property. According to Simkin, most jobs lately are either remote or onsite, and essentially exchange your time for money. However, with your time as the best resource, you should strive to scale up intellectual property in order to generate a steady income even when you are asleep.

According to him, the time you put in doing work should be used to create an asset that can be scaled up in the future and see again and again to make huge profits.

Self-made Millionaire Tip No. 2

The next tip is: strive for mastery. According to Simkin, with the evolution of technology, it has become much easier to sell services at a large scale. However, it has increased the competition more than ever, hence pointing out a niche and mastering it will give you a cutting edge in the market.

Simkin narrated a story in his early 20s when he was building the foundation, back then everyone in the IT world was focusing on Microsoft. However, he opted to specialize in more obscure technologies. The skill acquired gave him the chance to leverage it and scale it up to earn him a better income.

Self-made Millionaire Tip No. 3

You should always focus on the customer. Simkin has special advice to all thinking about beginning a path in financial freedom. Always focusing on what the customer’s desires and needs are the first priority to making all your invested work tick. The ability to convert people out there into your customers and maintain them is the biggest task.

In his own words:

“At 20, I was great at computers, but I was not able to make a customer. I was not going to be successful in business without that ability”.

With all the resources out there, Simkin advised the young entrepreneurs to hunt for information where he even recommended a book by Jay Abraham “Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got”.

Self-made Millionaire Tip No. 4

Give it all you got! After securing a good chunk of customers in your business, the next thing you need to do is prove beyond expectations that you are capable of delivering. He said:

“How you do little things can make a big impact on how you’re looked upon.”

Self-made Millionaire Tip No. 5

The final advice he gave was to accept challenges.

It is easier said than done, but understanding the greater course, you should never have reasons to give up due to small-time setbacks.

“There are going to be ups and downs. It’s really about how you respond to them”, concluded Ben.

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