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Something ‘BIG’ Is Coming! Crypto Games Agency Announces the Release Date of Big Crypto Game

November 21st, 2022 at 5:18 am UTC · 2 min read

Something ‘BIG’ Is Coming! Crypto Games Agency Announces the Release Date of Big Crypto Game

After their incredibly successful launch of three games Crypto Games Agency announced the release date for their next Play-to-Earn title, Big Crypto Game, launching Wednesday, November 23, on BSC Network.

A community poll last August showed significant demand for not only one game (Crypto Legions V3) but two (Big Crypto Game). Proposed was the option to have both launching close together but differing with the economic and strategy systems. To place themselves among the top Play-to-Earn games on BSC Network, Danny H, founder of Crypto Games Agency, says,

“Crypto Games Agency has developed eight unique Play-to-Earn features that no other lucrative Play-to-Earn game on the BSC Network has.”

Big Crypto Game’s token, Crypto ($CRYPTO), will be available to trade on PancakeSwap, followed immediately by the game’s launch. There are 5,000,000 tokens in total supply.

Crypto Games Agency shares details on Big Crypto Game

In an exclusive interview, the company’s Lead Developer said,

“We’re very excited for the upcoming launch of the Big Crypto Game. We can see the popularity of our games from the success of Crypto Legions and the huge amount of volume it’s generated. We believe that Big Crypto Game will live up to its name, and we can’t wait to share our prestigious marketing plans with the community.”

Considering the community’s feedback in August, Danny adds,

“We’ve made some considerable changes to the economic system and opened up a lot more opportunities for players, traders, referrers, and investors to make great profits. Furthermore, we expect the token launch and game to be a huge success due to the popular demand for our game among P2E players and investors.”

About Crypto Games Agency

Crypto Games Agency is a team of Play-to-Earn gaming specialists dedicated to delivering the best P2E development and results. After creating multiple successful titles, they continue to release high-performing games and allow anyone to create their own turnkey play-to-earn game. Customers choose their desired theme, and Crypto Games Agency produces an entirely coded project that comes with social media accounts, storylines, graphics, tokens, marketing, and assistance with the game launch. Apart from supporting and improving their games, this growing company has much to expect.

To learn more about Crypto Games Agency and Big Crypto Game, visit their website.

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