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Sports Media Platform Scorum Raised 800k in Pre-ICO, Token Sale Launches on January 14

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by Polina Chernykh · 3 min read
Sports Media Platform Scorum Raised 800k in Pre-ICO, Token Sale Launches on January 14
Photo: Scorum / Medium

By combining the blockchain technology with a strong economic model, Scorum sports media platform will fairly reward its active users.

Scorum is an innovative blockchain-based platform that aims to transform the sports media sector by allowing people to be rewarded for their passion for sports. Established in 2017, the startup will change the way sports fans participate in the industry.

“While sports media websites profit from 8.5 million monthly visits, their audience doesn’t get a cent. We decided to solve this problem by combining blockchain technology with a strong economic model,” said Scorum CEO, Vladislav Artemyev.

“Our solution has three core principles: supporting  cryptocurrency with real economy; rewarding all of the participants of the Scorum ecosystem; and distributing benefits in a clear and fair manner moderated by the user community.”

The project has already gained support from such prominent athletes as NBA champion with Cleveland Cavaliers, Timofey Mozgov, and UEFA Champions League winner with FC Barcelona, Alexander Hleb. “It’s the only sports media platform where sports enthusiasts have complete freedom to express themselves and be rewarded with cryptocurrency,” Hleb says.

After raising $800,000 in a pre-sale a few days ago, Scorum is now ramping up for an ICO that will begin on January 14, 2018. The company is going to distribute 18.6 million of its Scorum Coins (SCR), which can then be used on the Scorum platform. The majority of funds will be used on further development of the platform, while the remaining sum will go on marketing and legal purposes.

Scorum includes three main services:

  • The sports optimized blogging platform that will provide cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators via a transparent economic model. Scorum community members will be able to get payments for voting, commenting, publishing posts, and uploading photos, while sports writers will get an access to data analytics, special editorial tools, and a built-in photo database.
  • The AI-enabled statistics center that will let sports fans stay up-to-date with the latest news by watching livestreams and browsing stats about their favorite athletes or teams. Besides, they will be able to acquire tickets and other sports items and services. Meantime, content creators can use the centers to embed interactive infographics into their publications.
  • The commission-free betting exchange will enable users to easily place bets against each other without relying on third parties. Moreover, users can trade in real-time throughout the sporting event.The registration on the platform is completely transparent and includes no commission or hidden fees.

Once launched, Scorum will become the first blockchain-based sports media platform. The startup aims to be a key player in the segment with a potential audience of one billion users worldwide.

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