SportyFi Presents Alpha Version of the Platform Ahead of the November 21 Token Crowdsale

November 20th, 2017 at 8:30 am UTC · 2 min read

The alpha version of the platform already includes all the basic elements SportyFi needs to launch a crowdsourcing and sports investment ecosystem. The preview, presented on their blog, is now undergoing rigorous testing. A beta version of the platform, which will be available for test to a closed, but wide audience of SportyFi investors and ambassadors, is in the works and on schedule for a January 2018 launch, while the final version of the platform will be released in Q1 2018.

In the November 21 Token Crowdsale up to 134,000,000 tokens will be available to contributors, with a hard cap of $16 million (less potential bonuses). Contributors who contribute within 72 hours of the SPF Token Crowdsale launch will receive a 10% bonus. The exchange rate has been set at 2998 SPF tokens for 1 ETH.

The start-up, supported by notable sports superstars like Roberto Carlos (soccer superstar), Noriaki Kasai (ski jumping legend) and Primoz Brezec (former NBA player and now scout for Cleveland Cavaliers), as well as big names from the cryptocurrency world, with Charlie Shrem advising the team, will revolutionize the $1.3 trillion sports industry by opening it up to small investors.

About SportyFi

SportyFi is the first decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletes, clubs and organizations directly with fans and investors. Based on the Ethereum platform, SportyFi aims to disrupt the world of sports financing with the digital world of virtual currencies, opening new possibilities for individual athletes and sport organizations to raise sports funds on a global scale. SportyFi‘s Smart Manager Platform will enable donations, detailed sponsorship smart contracts of various types, as well as complex investment smart contracts, where an athlete, a club or another sports organization will offer a long-term deal for a share of their future income or other revenue stream in exchange for an upfront investment.