StatX Challenges Telegram with Innovative Mobile Messaging App for Crypto and Blockchain Community

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StatX Challenges Telegram with Innovative Mobile Messaging App for Crypto and Blockchain Community
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Led by an experienced team of Silicon Valley technologists and innovators, StatX enters blockchain and crypto scene to offer information-centric messaging app designed to satisfy community’s needs.

With a variety of messaging apps available for desktop and mobile use, the market is becoming more crowded, and one could be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t much space for another similar app.

Whatsapp long since became ubiquitous and platforms such as Telegram and Slack have gained popularity with security-conscious users – and therefore winning over many in the crypto/blockchain community.

The provision of high-quality data in a user-friendly format and the fostering of community engagement are both essential for blockchain companies wishing to increase brand awareness and grow their business.

Unfortunately, however, online groups are frequently plagued by trolls, scams, and bots, which results in the community aspect of the platform becoming diminished and a core user resource being compromised.

With this in mind, California-based blockchain startup StatX is hoping to revolutionize the world of messaging apps by taking a more information-centric approach to creating what it hopes will be a game-changer.

What is StatX?

StatX is a ‘business information messaging and collaboration app’ aimed at crypto and blockchain companies, being also of use to businesses, generally.

The developers believe that rival messaging apps such as Telegram and Slack are ‘conversation-centric’, rather than ‘information-centric’ and aim to create a more holistic, flexible and powerful platform.

The app has proved to be perfectly suitable for ICO and crypto fund investor relations, being also used as a mobile information hub for crypto exchanges and ICO listing sites. Based in Silicon Valley, StatX was founded in 2015 by Prasad Raje (CEO) and Pablo Bellver (CTO).

Using StatX

StatX boasts a clear and easy-to-use dashboard displaying a range of company financial and status information, such as market cap, price, token distribution, social reach, and product roadmap milestones. In addition, events such as airdrops and bounty programs can be advertised, and a notification system means that users can stay abreast of changes and new developments when they’re not logged in.

Given that StatX is a messaging app, it goes without saying that it incorporates a full chat system. However, the developers believe that since the bulk of user questions and information requirements, generally, will be handled by the dashboard, the chat will be of a significantly higher quality than on a conversation-based app.

According to the company, another advantage of StatX is that it does not provide an open API that can be exploited by bots to infiltrate the chat room with spam and scams.

Prasad Raje, StatX co-founder, and CEO commented StatX and its rising profile:

“Our secret sauce is the unique way StatX combines information and conversation to drive a higher quality and higher value user experience. It’s gratifying to see that our approach has been validated in the marketplace by a growing number of crypto industry innovators such as Boosto, Decred, Foleum, MediBloc, ZCoin and many others.”

Noah Pierau, Community Builder at Decred also shared his opinion:

“While there are many pure chat applications, StatX has the unique ability to combine technical indicators such as exchange rate and PoS info conveniently with chat functionality, all in one beautiful mobile app. StatX improves the signal to noise ratio in the blockchain community.”

All in all, if StatX will show its ability to continue evolve and improve its platform providing features that the crypto/blockchain community really seeks for, the future for this innovative new messaging and information-sharing app may be truly bright.

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