bitcoin price prediction

The cybersecurity and software pioneer stakes his name and up to $10 mln on a bet that the Bitcoin price will move above $500,000 within three years.

‘Bitcoin Can Reach $100,000 in a Few Years,’ Predicts Standpoint’s Analyst Ronnie Moas
February 7th, 2018

Being highly volatile, Bitcoin price is a subject matter for many analysts. Ronnie Moas predicts that Bitcoin will hit $100,000.

‘Bitcoin Could Hit Between $50,000 and $100,000 This Year,’ Says Saxo Bank Analyst
January 16th, 2018

Kay Van-Petersen believes that 2018 can bring Bitcoin a significant rise and expresses support for the future of Ethereum.

Analysts Predict Bitcoin to Hit $50.000 in 2018
January 4th, 2018

Summing up conducted researches, Bitcoin experts explain price volatility of conventional cryptocurrency and make a bet on meteoric increase in its price during ongoing year.

‘Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 in 2018,’ Says TenX Co-founder Julian Hosp
December 26th, 2017

Julian Hosp predicts bitcoin’s hitting $60,000 mark by the end of 2018.

Bitcoin Price Surpasses $16,000 After Christmas Crash
December 26th, 2017

After a major slump and correction, Bitcoin price pulls back giving a major relief to investors.

‘Bitcoin Will Hit $300,000 to $400,000,’ Says Standpoint Research Founder Ronnie Moas
December 18th, 2017

The analyst who predicted the exponential growth of bitcoin in July 2017 claims that bitcoin can increase its high twentyfold.

CME Bitcoin Futures Open Above $20,000 in First Day Trading
December 18th, 2017

On the very first day of launch, CME Bitcoin Futures contract open above $20000.

Bitcoin Price Surpasses $18,000 for the Second Time
December 15th, 2017

Not all-time high, but close: Bitcoin price surpacess the $18 thousand mark once again.

CBOE’s Bitcoin Futures Contracts are Above $18,300 on the 2nd Day of Trading
December 12th, 2017

The price of bitcoin futures keeps surging since their launch on the Chicago Board Options Exchange two days ago, showing growing investor demand.

Bitcoin Price Goes Crazy With $2.7K Surge in 24 Hours and Hits $15,500
December 7th, 2017

In just 24-hours, Bitcoin surges by 20% or 2.7K and hits a new all-time high above $15,000.

Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High of $12,000
December 5th, 2017

For the first time ever the price of Bitcoin has crosses the $12,000 mark.

Nasdaq Plans to Launch Bitcoin Futures in 2018
November 30th, 2017

World’s second largest exchange – Nasdaq Inc – is reportedly planning an entry into the Bitcoin futures space by the second quarter of 2018.

Bitcoin Could ‘Easily’ Hit $40,000 by the End of 2018, Says Bitcoin Investor Michael Novogratz
November 28th, 2017

According to bitcoin investor Michael Novogratz Bitcoin could ‘easily’ hit $40,000 by the end of 2018