CoinDeal is Celebrating It’s Premier League Sponsorship Renewal with a Unique and Highly Anticipated Token Launch
July 1st, 2019

Coindeal’s popularity and number of new users are growing very fast. The exchange will soon be available in several states in the USA and has prepared their own CoinDeal token – CDL.

Coindeal: First Crypto Exchange as Premier League Sponsor Comes to Us
May 26th, 2019

CoinDeal is known for being the first crypto exchange to sponsor the Premier League team – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C that got into the UEFA Europa League.

SegWit and CoinDeal: Lower Fees on Bitcoin Transactions
April 18th, 2019

To allow its clients to pay less for Bitcoin transactions, CoinDeal offers them to use Bech32 (SegWit Native) addresses.