Bitcoin Competitor NXT Version 1.7.4 Goes Live: Decentralized Data Storage, Coin Mixing, and More
January 21st, 2016

Nxt, the innovative digital currency, blockchain platform, and Bitcoin alternative, launches Version 1.7.4 on January 23rd. New features to be integrated into Nxt include Account Control, the NXT Data Cloud and CoinShuffling.

Bitcoin Alternative NXT Announces Coordinated Marketing Project Codenamed ‘Project Tennessee’
October 19th, 2015

Nxt, the ultimate decentralised 2nd generation cryptocurrency, may be about to get a coordinated marketing team, at least if the current proposal from a group of Nxt veterans is accepted by the notoriously leaderless open-source community.

CryptoNote: A Toolkit for Truly Anonymous and Untraceable Cryptocurrencies
July 23rd, 2014

CryptoNote is a useful tool to help people separate themselves from the current financial system of total control and surveillance.