TAP Releases New Alpha Version of Their App

October 19th, 2018 at 10:38 pm UTC · 2 min read

TAP Releases New Alpha Version of Their App

TAP will provide an app that is a one stop shop for anyone involved, or looking to get involved, in crypto currencies. With the easiest fiat onboarding process, multiple exchanges linked by one app (with only 1 KYC process), a powerful “middleware” engine adding convenience never seen in the crypto sector and a payment card attached, TAP represents a major leap forward in making crypto both more accessible to new investors and more convenient to current adopters.

TAP Releases New Alpha Version of Their AppTAP Releases New Alpha Version of Their AppTAP Releases New Alpha Version of Their App

The main feature added to this latest update is the integration with the Binance exchange. TAP now supports two exchanges, Binance and Kraken, and will scan both these exchanges to find the customer the best price. The middleware reads both exchange order books as if they were one and can split a trade over both exchanges if that delivers the customer a better price.

With more exchanges to be added soon, TAP will be able to guarantee the best price for the customer on any trade with instant fulfilment.

As well as a better price, linking multiple exchanges will deliver more benefits to TAP customers. In the app, a user will be able to exchange any supported crypto currency to any other supported crypto or fiat currency in one touch. This effectively creates alt to alt pairings across exchanges and eliminates the need to convert into BTC to move across exchanges.

The teams’ 8 permanent developers are working well under their CTO Mike and aim to release the beta version soon on a first come first served basis (to customers who have registered on their site).



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