Play-to-Earn FPS Game The Killbox Goes Live with Triple IDO

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Play-to-Earn FPS Game The Killbox Goes Live with Triple IDO
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The Killbox Game is the first FPS game on-chain.

The first FPS play-to-earn game to hit the blockchain gaming world is close to launching. The Killbox recently announced three IDOs leading up to its official listing of $KBOX. The highly-anticipated game has grown to be one of the most discussed games in the middle of what has become the biggest blockchain gaming frenzy seen to date. With backing from leading investors such as Illuvium, OKEx, Titans Ventures, and Good Games Guild, it is easy to see why gamers and investors alike are excited.

The Killbox’s first IDO was launched on EnjinStarter on November 20th and has since sold out. The second IDO will be on GameFi on November 22, followed by the final IDO on Red Kite on November 23. Each IDO has specific requirements to get whitelisted. It is recommended that interested users follow The Killbox’s official Twitter page for detailed processes on how to get involved.

Steady Growth and Interest Leading Up to the IDO

Since teasing initial IDO details, the Killbox has seen a massive spike in engagement and community interest. With nearly 100,000 Twitter followers and 80,000 Telegram community members, their fan base stretches across the globe. It is important to note that The Killbox has made strong ties in the Vietnamese gaming community through their collaboration with GameFi and Red Kite, two leading companies founded by Ice Thi Labs, the leading gaming incubator and launchpad in Vietnam.

Recently, The Kill box announced a partnership with Good Games Guild, a recently launched guild project that has since seen over 75x returns post listing. The demand for play-to-earn games has skyrocketed, with most of this interest occurring on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) due to low fees and high transaction speeds.

A Demand For Competitive P2E FPS Games

We can’t talk about The Killbox without explaining the actual game they are developing. In short, The Killbox is a real-time P2E PVP=FPS mobile game. Players can compete against opponents in 6 versus 6 battles, with realistic console-like movement from mobile devices. The visuals have been designed to provide an extremely realistic gameplay, even compatible with VR headsets for a 360 degree experience.

Most importantly, The Killbox is meant to be interactive, allowing users to play with their friends and compete together to earn rewards. Guild leaders can receive up to a 10% commission for their guilds’ rewards. For solo gamers, there is also a solo mode that allows similar benefits and chances to earn.

All in all, The Killbox should be one of the more exciting developments in blockchain gaming in 2021. Now is the time to get involved at an early stage by supporting the game’s upcoming launch and token launch. For more information, visit 80,000 other passionate fans at the game’s official Telegram page.

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