The “Million Dollar Homepage” for Bitcoin Offers Unique Rewards for Advertisers and Visitors

Place/Date: Cleveland, Ohio, USA - March 8th, 2016 at 8:52 pm UTC · 3 min read

Innovative Bitcoin advertising platform (kBTC) offers cryptocurrency companies worldwide the opportunity to buy permanent advertisement space measured in pixels. Unique benefits for advertisers include that they fully own their pixels, and can change their image and advertising content at any time.

When visitors on hover over an ad a thumbnail image will appear for that business with more information making it easy to browse through multiple ads. When an image is clicked a slide show will appear giving a detailed overview of the company. All slide-show images will lead visitors straight to the businesses website.

Visitors that click on images that lead to a businesses website have a chance to earn free Bitcoin in a daily draw. The number of clicks will work in favour for the participant that will be selected at random to earn BTC; making kBTC a fun and potential prosperous link between users and advertising companies.

Whilst kBTC is hands-off for the advertiser the team will work hard to draw traffic to the site. Being an evolving platform built to facilitate advertisers messaging, works closely with advertisers on a unique strategy to get their message across, generate traffic to their website, and to keep users interested in their products and services.

The self-service layout of make it both fast and easy to own advertisement space. Users simply create an account and log in which gives instant access to a user-friendly campaign manager. The advertiser then simply chooses the pixels and position and uploads their images. After paying for their pixels the advertiser submits the ad for publication with a click.

Advertisers will remain in complete control over their ad campaigns once they have purchased their pixels. The advertiser can edit their images and change their information as frequently as they like and add more campaigns from the same account.

Pixel space is limited. To own advertising space on is like buying a property, hence the advertiser is free to sell or give away their pixels to others as long as the content is legal and coherent with the website’s policy. offer visitors a hassle-free chance to earn Bitcoin just by following ads they find interesting. Whilst also offering a unique opportunity for Bitcoin companies and projects to permanently purchase their own advertising space and establish an indefinite connection with the vast expanding cryptocurrency community.

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