The Sports Media Project Built to Reward Fans goes Live

Place/Date: Belarus - July 17th, 2018 at 4:34 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Scorum

The Scorum Media Platform launch is a huge milestone for fans of sport around the world and coincides perfectly with the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Built with a core focus on end-user engagement and experience, Scorum offers unique rewards that bring fans into both the sports and cryptocurrency industries.

Scorum’s crowdsale funded platform takes aim at the sports social media space with a unique content creation suite custom-made for today’s creative content creators. Data integration tools will change the game for match prediction, game analysis and fan engagement.

To reach the most of the wide world of sports, the Scorum bounty team now consists of over 500 translators, writers and proofreaders to cover 25 language markets.

Scorum Co-Founder and CEO Vlad Artemyev:

“Scorum is poised to reshape the way that fans interact with the games, teams and events they love. Traditional social media platforms are not focused on creative sports content and we are dedicated to filling that niche with intuitive, engaging and rewarding products.”

The Scorum Media Platform

The key aim of Scorum is to leverage the flexibility of the Graphene framework to create a suite of products that engage sports fans first and welcome them into the world of cryptocurrency second. With this in mind, the sports media platform has a familiar feel for users of established centralized content platforms. The unique rewards economy automatically distributes crypto payouts according to the popularity of each post.

This alone gives athletes, brands and events a whole new way to engage with their followers and fans as a promotional tool. The time is now for fans to be rewarded for the huge role they play in the revenue generated by the global sports industry.

For content creators, a minimal and straightforward editorial suite gives writers all the tools they need to quickly publish unique and engaging posts. By pulling data from the Scorum Stats center, writers can add valuable insights to their posts via data infographics to give readers compelling and highly useful information for sports betting.

Beyond Content

Given the high throughput and free transactions of Graphene, the Scorum sports ecosystem will also include zero-fee daily fantasy sports and a commission-free peer to peer betting exchange. The scope and direction of future development will combine input from the community and the talent of the Scorum Reseach and Development team to shape the future of sports media.

Scorum has already been hunted on Product Hunt and reached the #3 Product of the Day. This has greatly enhanced the visibility of the MVP product and brought fresh eyes to see what’s possible with user-centered Dapp design.

Research and Development

Scorum Ltd, founded in 2017, has also been welcomed into the High-Tech Park of Belarus and the HYPE-Sports Innovation Top 50 startup accelerator program. These memberships give Scorum R and D tangible opportunities both locally and on a global scale.

The HTP provides a legal and regulated framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency development while the HYPE-Sports program puts Scorum in touch with established players in the world of sport.

By the way, if you join now you’ll get 5 SP as a welcome gift. Read more about Scorum and be part of the sports media revolution.