THRIVE to Launch the First Premium Decentralized Advertising Marketplace Community Based

January 4th, 2018 at 12:36 pm UTC · 3 min read

The Advertising industry is multi-billion dollar business (220+) that doesn’t make consumers any richer and heavily affects advertisers in terms of pricing and brand reputation risks. Same for publishers when it comes to get paid or get banned without any clear explanation.  Consumers that everyday keep sharing their data using social logins in the internet are supporting this business without earning a single cent. Yes, ZERO.

Thrive value proposition

Thrive is turning this model upside down, giving back control to people and improving everyone’s financial performance.

Quoted by Forbes as one of the top startups to keep an eye on throughout 2018 “using the blockchain to create a safe, rewarding platform where users can buy and sell advertisement space, all the while also rewarding real-life consumers and reviewers who help make the system work, this is digital marketing taken to the very next level”.

People get back control of their data and finally earn money just surfing on the web.  All data is profiled, made anonymous and stored in our block-chain. Every sensible information is destroyed to avoid confidential data leakage.
The community control as well which publishers deserve to be in this market place, reviewing the quality of their websites. And once again, get rewarded in THTRT tokens. Advertisers and publishers will be paying less for the same service and monetize much faster thanks to block-chain and smart-contracts.
Brand protection and audience reach will be maximized thanks to a Thrive platform providing clean advertising placements and best consumers insight ever.

Token Sale

Thrive is the only project declaring advertising fees and users rewards in a transparent way.  Everything supported by a business plan based on industry surveys and market research.
Token economics have been carefully designed to mitigate dumps on exchange.

Thrive burns unsold tokens, vests team tokens and freezes reserve ones.  The more the marketplace is used the more the total supply get decreased (20% of Thrive fees is destroyed each transaction) . This generates value and guarantees coins appreciation over time.
Thrive tokens price is linked to Euro ensuring the same price for all contributors.

The THRT token is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based utility token, which is used on the platform to buy/sell advertising services and grant users rewards.  The Private seed is scheduled to run for the whole month of January.  The Public Pre-sales is estimated to start on February 15th 2018 with 30% bonus.  Main sales will follow with a laddered bonus structure decreasing from 20% down to 0%.
A total of 200’000’000 THRT plus bonus will be generated.  You may find more details on the official page of Thrive project.

About Thrive

Thrive was co-founded by a group of close professionals working in the industry since years as part of an existing and profitable company operating in 9 international markets.
The team, already deeply covering skills such as IT, Marketing and Business development, has been strengthened with rock solid advisors coming from Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Malta and US. Most of them with relevant roles in past and ongoing Crypto projects.

Partnerships with a Publisher Network having a network of over 220K websites has been recently established. More to come in the upcoming weeks.  The Alpha release is going to be announced very soon before the TGE starts. No doubts this is your unique opportunity to be part of a billionaire business.