TRONHERO Token (THERO) Skymapping into DeFi

Place/Date: - February 23rd, 2021 at 6:58 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: TronHero

TRONHERO Token (THERO) Skymapping into DeFi
Photo: TronHero

DeFi is taking the world by storm and the guys over at TronHero have a special project lined up that will make the world of DeFi see things a bit differently. For now Tron seems to be their network of choice for smart contracts and every thing they touch turns to gold, well in this case a golden token… THERO.

We could not wait to see what their Roadmap, or as they call it, Skymap, has in store for us. They are set to launch on 23 Feb 2021 with a truly decentralized Ecosystem, governed by their native token THERO. Plans in their Skymap include a SuperFund for their community to multiply the DeFi token and for More Dapps like immersive gaming, entertaining gambling and even a more valuable DeFi 2.0 Token which is rumoured to have a very limited supply.

Their CEO in our Interview says:

“Our community have been patiently waiting for our next project, and even without knowing what we had planned they supported us vigorously. Our goal was to deliver a sustainable and competitive product to meet the needs of our changing Crypto landscape. This is surely one for the Cryptopreuners”.

Their added feature is a true DeFi token which can never be premined and held in a wallet to distribute to pools. Mining should actually be coded in a tokens contract so that it can never be altered. That is exactly what TronHero has coded into their DeFi token THERO. The tokenomics are quite ingenious and allow only for mining of the token using the simple stake mechanism. Lock your TRX and it is sent to the contract which in turn mines your THERO. No LP’s, no permanent/ impermanent fees, no hidden fees.

Their CTO says:

“True Cryptoneurs will appreciate this and will flock to the project because there is no manipulation of pools or tokens held in one owner wallet.”

We have had our eye on the TronHero Team and their loyal community for a while, and we are excited by their new Ecosystem. The Academy that they launched during the planning of their Ecosystem enjoyed tremendous success and came at an opportune time to educate their community members before launch of THERO. Looks like DeFi on the Tron Network has a new home at TronHero.

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