UnicornGo Announces collaboration with Tesla and NeuroBasis

Place/Date: - March 5th, 2018 at 10:25 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: UnicornGo

One of UnicornGO co-founders has signed the agreement with designers from Tesla (they also worked for Rolls-Royce). The specialists are to develop gadgets design for neuro interfaces. The first sketches look very impressive.

In the next 3-5 months Tesla will develop a complete design of gadgets which will allow to control unicorns with the power of thought, giving incredible sensations for everyone and great opportunities for disabled people. The neuro interface itself has already been developed by NeuroBasis, a company that offers advanced solutions within the high-tech industry.

Unicorn Go PTE Ltd. is the Singapore-registered blockchain company which is almost ready to launch UnicornGo, a new online game where users will be able to buy, sell, exchange, raise, feed and even breed their pet unicorns. This is possible with Ethereum based smart contract and blockchain powered gaming solution.

Blockchain technology is mostly known in the finance sphere whilst there are many ways to use it. The UnicornGo team introduces this powerful new technology making it easy and available for everyone.

This innovative, bright and stylish game which is planned to be supplied with elements of augmented reality, supported by IZITEX, is not just fun. Each unicorn is unique and has its own color, character and abilities, which are based on a combination of genes and goals of the owners.

Unicorns’ owners will be able to choose the offspring characteristics by selecting a partner with the genetic attribute of interest and breeding unique unicorns that can bring significant profits to their owners. Real genetic scientists work hard studying the appearance and characteristics inheritance of these fabulous crypto-animals, according to the developers of the game.

Customized unicorns with the highest score rate can be very desirable on a marketplace as breeding partners thus receiving valuable offspring and being highly paid for every act of gene fusion.  

In-game tokens of the fairy-tale world, Candy Coins, with a total supply of $ 12 million, work on the Ethereum network, smart contracts and are implemented within Universa network with zero transaction costs.

The next stage is the integration of the UnicornGO interface with augmented reality in conjunction with IZETEX, as well as the introduction mind control ability, with the assistance of the innovative NeuroBasis startup.

Token Sale

To enter the game and be able to make deals on the in-game marketplace players are required to purchase Candy coins or Candies.

Candy tokens are ERC-20 Ethereum-based utility tokens which are used within the platform to pay for unicorns, breeding, land, magic tree seeds and other fabulous accessories. Candy token supply is limited, 12 000 000 tokens, while GEN-0 unicorns are limited to the amount of 30 000 species.

Bonus token pre-sale with 0,00175 eth per 1 Candy token was initially planned to be conducted from the 1st till the 28th of February 2018 but had been extended up until the 10th of March due to numerous requests from the community members. Developers recommend to use Metamask to buy Candy Coin.

First GEN-0 unicorns are also available for sale now with the price of $50 each. Users can buy them with Ethereum or Candies, and all purchases made with Candy coins will get special discount of 15%. Every unicorns’ race edition is limited and after all GEN-0 unicorns will be sold out they will never appear again.

Unlike many other projects, Unicorn Go PTE Ltd. has chosen to forgo an initial coin offering.

UnicornGo Project deservedly attracts interest of gamers, collectors and investors. UnicornGo game version 1.0  is to launch on the 14th of March, more information about  the project is available in the road map section on official UnicornGo website: https://unicorngo.io