Over 100 Venture Capitals, KOLs, and Gaming Guilds Busy Bug Hunting in Dragon War

Over 100 Venture Capitals, KOLs, and Gaming Guilds Busy Bug Hunting in Dragon War

UTC by Andy Watson · 4 min read
Over 100 Venture Capitals, KOLs, and Gaming Guilds Busy Bug Hunting in Dragon War
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Dragon War is notable for its vast NFT collection, with literally tens of thousands of unique assets available. 

Blockchain strategy game Dragon War recently launched its debut Open Test version, giving players their first opportunity to enjoy everything the mystical world has to offer. The Open Test is an effort to make sure in-game economics are sustainable by leveraging the power of the community. It is also important to note that in-game features may be limited, but users can get a strong feel for the in-game experience during the test phase.

Suffice to say the launch has attracted plenty of interest, with dozens of VCs, media partners, Key Opinion Leaders, and gaming guilds piling in to search for bugs and offer feedback on the in-game economics. The turn-based dApp, which in its final form will feature PvE and PvP battles, missions, NFT trading, yield farming, and land management, is the brainchild of a go-getting Vietnamese software team whose experience spans gaming development and cryptocurrency.

Dragon War Is Put through Its Paces

Dragon War opened for testing on April 1 and the team has not yet confirmed when the window will slam shut, although testing ends 7 days after account creation for individual users. To interact with the game, users are required to acquire test versions of $DRAW tokens which are needed to buy Heroes and Dragons, as well as the equipment (helmets, armor, swords, etc) that enhances those characters’ stats.

Speaking of $DRAW, the token was recently listed by a number of popular price-tracking platforms including the big two, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Dragon War’s native token was also listed on Solana’s decentralized AMM Raydium, and a deal has been struck to list $DRAW on the popular MEXC exchange. Despite the general drop in the market, particularly for GameFi projects, $DRAW has seen growing volume on MEXC, a trend that symbolizes a growing community and an uptick in interested gamers.

Although the fully-loaded mainnet version will have many more features than those offered by the testnet, Dragon War is following the well-worn route taken by many of its gamefi predecessors. Only through rigorous testing and continual research can a project confidently launch its mainnet, particularly given the intensifying competition among blockchain developers.

Of course, it helps if take-up is high. A consequence, no doubt, of the game’s allure – as well as the rewards on offer. Where the latter is concerned, testers get to compete for whitelist slots for the INO and $DRAW sales. The Top 10 bug hunters also receive one additional Mystery Box.

Three weeks in, and the message emanating from Dragon War HQ is unambiguous: so far, so good. Several influential gaming collectives (MetaGaming Guild, Good Gaming Guild, and X8) have been busy playing in the DragonWar sandbox, and influential players from all over the world (Russia, Japan, Philippines) have ighlighted a number of bugs. At present, the game is on track to launch on the mainnet before the end of Q2.

NFTs Land on Magic Eden

Dragon War is notable for its vast NFT collection, with literally tens of thousands of unique assets available.

While skill NFTs can boost the stamina or speed of Heroes, and thus increase their prospects of victory in battle, there are also various consumable items (potion, manna), equipment NFTs, and body parts (horn, claws, tail, etc) with their own variations of rarity. All players benefit from the flexibility to develop their Hero in any way they wish, and because well-equipped NFTs can earn handsome rewards, the potential for secondary-market sales is enormous.

As the game has already attracted huge interest, the upcoming NFT sale on Solana’s leading marketplace Magic Eden is likely to sell out. On May 16, the platform – which had over 10 million unique visitors last month – will list 5,000 Dragon War NFTs priced at 0.5 SOL (original price 0.75 SOL and private round at 0.4 SOL). Those keen to buy a selection of NFTs can visit Magic Eden’s launchpad site for Dragon War.

Users should stay tuned to Dragon War’s official website for further details on how to buy and mint according to Magic Eden’s guidelines.

With its eye-catching 2D graphics, numerous earning mechanisms, and sophisticated, strategy-based gameplay, it’s unsurprising that Dragon War has already won rave reviews. If it sounds like your kind of game, plug into the OpenTest version (instructions found here) while the going’s good. Those exclusive NFTs from the Epic Dragon sale won’t be around forever.

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