WallStreetBets Unveils Diamond Hands Pass NFT Collection Among Others

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WallStreetBets Unveils Diamond Hands Pass NFT Collection Among Others
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In addition to Diamond Hands Pass NFTs, the WSB has unveiled 153 unique artwork traits and 40,600,560 unique possibilities. 

WallStreetBets movement has launched a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to keep its community activities. The WallStreetBets movement is popularly known for organizing its community and short squeezing certain stock markets. In the past, the movement has successfully short squeezed GameStop and AMC stocks.

Notably, Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WSB and strategic partner of the WSBDApp project, noted that its high time the movement capitalized on its ability.

“The WallStreetBets community has been giving out memes for free for too long; Apple should be paying everyone royalties for rocket and diamond emojis at this point. That’s why we brought together a global team of artists, builders, DeFi pioneers, and blockchain fanatics to develop an NFT experience that combines the culture and creativity the community has shown over the last year. We’re proud to introduce the Diamond Hands Pass NFT collection as we enter new frontiers in DeFi and create offerings that can help regular people own their financial futures. And cool art,” Rogozinski explained via the press release.

Notably, the WallStreetBets movement has released 15,000 Diamond Hands Pass NFTs for the community to trade. The team behind the Diamond Hands Pass NFTs was keen to include desirable rarities. In a bid to ensure fairness in the NFT distribution, the WSB team has launched 30,000 NFT raffle tickets. Each wallet is entitled to up to 5 NFT raffle tickets.

With the raffle tickets, the community stands a chance to be chosen randomly by the computer. However, the WSB has announced that all-non winning raffles will be refunded.

In addition to Diamond Hands Pass NFTs, the WSB has unveiled 153 unique artwork traits and 40,600,560 unique possibilities.

Benefits for Holding WallStreetBets NFT Assets

The WSB movement designed the NFTs with notable benefits for the holders. Besides being used as speculative assets, WSB made sure the NFTs are the best in the market designed by the best artists in the world.

Among the highlighted benefits by WSB include access to a members-only Discord room. Additionally, the Diamond Hands Pass NFT owners will have voting privileges in the WSB ecosystem. Besides, the holders will get a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

“Diamond Hands Passes will also claim all generative collections for free, plus gas, indefinitely. This includes all three upcoming generative avatar drops: bulls, bears, and apes. Collect and hold these three NFTs along with your Diamond Hands Pass to complete the Master Challenge. This will unlock exclusive rewards, including farming rewards at yields that boomers will say are impossibly lucrative,” WSB explained.

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