Welcome Lendledger, a Trusted Open Network to Bridge $2.6 Trillion Lending Gap

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Welcome Lendledger, a Trusted Open Network to Bridge $2.6 Trillion Lending Gap
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Lendledger is here to make loans accessible for unserved segments which will greatly contribute to the development of the market.

Today, due to the principles of lending system, owners of small businesses without credit history in emerging markets just do not have any access to loans. Though they may use a number of digital services and these transaction histories could support their creditworthiness to lenders, the majority of digital service providers don’t share such data with any financial institutions or credit bureaus.

As a result, such entrepreneurs can’t get money to develop their businesses. But if small business owners have an opportunity to securely send transactions and credit data to a number of lenders and create a reliable credit history, they will also get access to trillions of dollars in loans.

Though a centralized system in theory can become one of the possible solutions, a number of intermediates who have already entered this sphere with a view to make loans more accessible, have proved their inefficiency as they need the trust of all parties to function. As a result, their potential scale and rate of growth are limited.

It has become obvious that a decentralized, standards-driven approach to this issue is much more likely to be suitable. It is able to minimize loan origination costs and significantly scale up lending volumes. Such a system can provide more volumes and sources of credit data and seriously facilitate cooperation between all market participants.

LendLedger is here to provide an effective solution. It is based on an open protocol and blockchain technology and is able to ensure secure, transparent, cost-effective, and innovative interactions between data providers, lenders, and borrowers.

Open and secure way of the network’s functioning is provided with the help of the LendLedger protocol which defines the way how data is transferred, how the smart contracts work, what data should be saved and so on.

Owing to Open APIs, the decentralized network can fulfill the tasks that used to be fulfilled by a centralized system. It can control which participants can get access to the system, ensure their direct connection, etc.

Blockchain technology is used by LendLedger to build a reliable open lending network. There’s no central administrator and all information about execution of a smart contract is recorded to the public blockchain ledger.

Thanks to combination of the transparency provided by blockchain and the security provided by encryption technology, LendLedger can offer openness and protection of the confidentiality of identifying information.

LendLedger can build a new profitable market for Lenders, DPs, and other service providers. Such a network is able to contribute to financial growth and development a more efficient, affordable, and inclusive lending market

LendLedger was developed at Arth Labs which is the technology and innovation arm of ArthImpact Finserve, an Indian lending venture. The founders of the company are real enthusiasts in the sphere of digital financing and now they are ready to change the lending environment for unserved segments.

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