What Is GreenTrust Token? FAQs and Everything You Need to Know

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What Is GreenTrust Token? FAQs and Everything You Need to Know
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GreenTrust Token is a sustainable decentralized blockchain application that prouds itself of being the first carbon-negative Utility Token, capable of allowing users to reduce their carbon footprint.

Let’s face it, we all need to make the world a much greener place, and quick. In 2020, Elon Musk announced a $100 million dollars prize for whoever can come up with the best carbon capture device. The irony is that nature already invented it millions of years ago; the best carbon capture device is the tree.

This is where GreenTrust Token comes in. For every 350 transactions that take place, GreenTrust will plant a tree. The GreenTrust Token is built on blockchain technology, the same tech that powers many of the novel financial protocols you know and love.

GreenTrust can do everything that every utility token can do but instead is used to promote a more sustainable and greener future. The goal of GreenTrust Token is to contrast the carbon emission of the blockchain technology and promote sustainable energy use in cryptocurrencies’ processes and applications. GNT believes that carbon neutrality can be reached by a commitment to measure, reduce, and finally offset carbon footprint.

What Is GreenTrust Token?

GreenTrust Token (“GNT”) is a sustainable decentralized blockchain application that prides itself on being the first Utility Token with a carbon-neutral network. Its utility resides on its capability to allow users to reduce their individual carbon footprint by exchanging GNT for “CO2 Offset Certificates”.

Is GreenTrust Token Legit?

The GreenTrust Token is a real cryptocurrency deployed on Binance Smart Chain. The GreenTrust smart contract was audited by Techrate in June 2021, and the audit report is easily accessible to anyone wanting to review the audit.

The GreenTrust Token project is also building partnerships with NGOs that have environmental sustainability goals that are aligned with GreenTrust. The address of the token can be viewed on BSCScan.

What Are the Features of the GreenTrust Token?

GreenTrust Token uses blockchain to align incentives of different stakeholders, developers, and businesses towards the green economy goals. GNT believes that carbon neutrality can be reached by a commitment to measure, reduce, and finally offset carbon footprint.

How Does GreenTrust Work?

The mission of GreenTrust is achieved by charging transaction fees on transactions within the GreenTrust system. The fees are then used to pay for planting trees through GreenTrust NGO partnership organizations. Additionally, proceeds from GreenTrust will be used to develop renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

What Powers the GreenTrust GNT?

GreenTrust GNT is powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain that uses much less energy than Proof of Work. Using less energy to fuel the blockchain is in line with the objectives of GreenTrust to use technology with a low carbon footprint.

What Makes the GreenTrust Cryptocurrency Unique?

GreenTrust Token is unique because of its focus on sustainability. It is the premier DeFi ecosystem to put sustainability first, making it the first sDeFi or Sustainable DeFi protocol on the market. Proceeds from the project are used to plant trees which impacts the real-world carbon emission problem from a digital source.

Is GreenTrust Crypto More Efficient than Other Cryptos?

It is based on the BSC-BEP20 network, with the consensus mechanism Proof of Staked Authority (“PoSA”) that ensures efficiency and performance in terms of speed and cost of transactions. The simpleness of the GNT contract, and the 0% fees policy, help in this sense, allowing users to transact GNT with a smooth IN/OUT process

How Do I Buy GreenTrust GNT?

You can use any non-custodial wallet such as Trust Wallet to purchase GNT from a decentralized exchange. Simply load that wallet with a popular coin such as BNB or BUSD, then go to an exchange where GNT is being sold such as ApeSwap. You can typically buy GNT with any popular tokens, but having BUSD or BNB will make buying GNT easier.

How Do I Get GreenTrust on My Trust Wallet?

GreenTrust Token can be added to your Trust Wallet through the “Add Custom Token” interface. You will need the GNT Token address (0xf750a26eb0acf95556e8529e72ed530f3b60f348) in order to add the token to your Trust Wallet. For more information please watch this video guide on How to Add a Custom Token to the Trust Wallet.

Where Can I Buy the GreenTrust Token?

GreenTrust Token can be bought on several decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on Binance Smart Chain. Currently, GNT can be bought on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap and more five different exchanges.

What Is the GreenTrust Crypto Price?

At any point and time, you can check the price of GreenTrust GNT token on CoinMarketCap. The GNT page on coinmarketcap shows many relevant statistics about the GNT market such as liquidity, marketcap, and a list of exchanges where GNT can be bought.

Is GreenTrust Token a Good Investment?

GreenTrust Token has been featured in MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and Crypto News. As reported on Investing.com, GNT was a #1 trending token on coinmarketcap earlier this year. You can check the latest market trends for the GreenTrust Token chart on CoinMarketCap.

Is GreenTrust GNT Carbon Neutral?

GreenTrust Token is carbon neutral, and will be carbon negative in the future. This is because for every 350 transactions that take place on GreenTrust, one tree is planted effectively removing 700 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

 Why Should I Invest in the GreenTrust GNT?

By investing in GNT, you are contributing to our efforts towards planting trees. If you resonate with the goals of GreenTrust, investing in the token is one way you can be indirectly involved in helping the environment.

What Exchanges List the GreenTrust Token?

GNT is currently most accessible on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap. You can also buy GNT on exchanges such as CoinTiger and HotBit. An up to date list of exchanges where you can find GNT is easily accessible on CoinMarketCap’s GNT page.

How Many GreenTrust GNTs Are in Circulation?

There are currently approximately 28 trillion GNT tokens in circulation. An up to date figure can always be found on CoinMarketCap’s GNT page. The total supply is 126 trillion tokens, meaning that approximately 22% of the total supply is currently in circulation.

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