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Place/Date: - May 26th, 2021 at 4:17 pm UTC · 4 min read
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The world of crypto and decentralized finance is an intriguing one filled with opportunities for investors and traders. To survive as a trader or investor, one needs to have access to properly analyzed and sourced data, as well as tools. Admantium Finance’s Research Desk tracks cryptocurrency prices and offers investors access to quality data for making rational decisions. It takes it up a notch by offering fundamental research and advanced crypto analytics of massive level of data. What makes a successful investor stand apart from its counterparts, is access to a research desk with innovative analytical tools to make rational investment decisions.

Advanced Modelling Tools

Admantium’s Research Desk offers investors access to innovative modelling tools to manage their investment properly. These tools will also allow them to understand the usage behaviors surrounding crypto-assets, and how to use them to their advantage. Professional users like investors and traders can analyze important features like usages, while measuring value and controlling the money flows. Admantium’s Research Desk is data-driven, making it an awesome platform for investors that want to properly manage and diversify their portfolio.

Delivers Transparent And Actionable Data To Investors

Admantium’s Research Desk offers transparent and actionable data to investors. The aim of Admantium Finance is to allow investors to easily churn out value and interact with digitized assets. It uses its intelligence API functionality to create data analytics for investors.

Admantium Finance Will launch Its Own Fundraising Platform Soon

Admantium Finance’s fundraising platform will connect two important stakeholders in the crypto world together, Investors and Entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs possess the necessary skills, knowledge and ideas, but lack the capital. On the other hand, the investors are seeking prospects with potential of earning profits and being profitable. Admantium Finance acts as the bridge between both crucial parties, so that both can avail of the perks of the union.

As a crypto fundraising ecosystem, Admantium Finance will assist legitimate start-ups to raise capital. Though the crypto realm is filled with innovations, there are still cases of fraud slipping into the cracks. Cases like this scare off potential investors, and legitimate crypto platforms’ founders are left gnashing their teeth. This is changing because Admantium Finance will offer legitimate crypto startups access to the needed funds. To ensure that the fundraising process is not delayed, Admantium Finance uses stage-based investments.

When the fundraising platform is created, the following will happen:

  • Access to cheap & quick capital

Admantium Finance will offer fundraising and IDO hub for crypto projects. It is not news that hundreds of crypto platforms wither to wither away at their initial stage. Entrepreneurs will have access to quick and cheap capital.

  • Over the top advisory services via Admantium Crypto Advisors

Those projects that use Admantium Finance’s IDO Launchpad can easily access a league of experienced crypto advisors. These crypto advisors have worked with similar projects in the past and understand how to navigate through adverse situations that may rear their heads. The tricks up their sleeves have been tested, making them part of the success stories of a number of crypto projects.

  • Anti-dumping feature through Ad-Lock services

Admantium Finance knows how dangerous this is, and it will create a mechanism to stop dumping via Ad-Lock services. The ad-lock services act as an escrow by protecting every stakeholder. Safe and secure payment transactions are key elements of this functionality. It also incorporates time and event-based triggers for payments, taking the form of parametric payment. The documentation process is simple, with an efficient online tracking system.

  • A ready-made community keen to engage

Entrepreneurs can interact with community members and find out issues in their ideas and platforms, then make the necessary tweaks. These community members can test features on the platforms and point out bugs that were encountered before it is open to the public.

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