Why FortKnoxster (FKX) Is a Better and Safer Alternative than Messenger and Whatsapp Combined

Place/Date: - October 12th, 2021 at 7:32 pm UTC · 3 min read
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Why FortKnoxster (FKX) Is a Better and Safer Alternative than Messenger and Whatsapp Combined

It’s time to take advantage of the transparency of blockchain by switching to FortKnoxster, the most avant-garde encryption platform provider guaranteeing ironclad information exchange!

In light of the worst social media outage, Facebook and other platforms have incurred since their very foundation, uncertainty has been instilled among the major global community that uses Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.

Recent allegations surrounding the true intentions of social media, more specifically whistleblower claims on Facebook putting a premium on profits over user safety, and blackouts of this magnitude, play a major role in the unsettling response by users worldwide.

The current status quo of social media safety represents a double-edged sword in the eyes of the user: on the one hand, going offline is not a viable option in the fast-developing digital era; on the other hand, how can users stay online when there is even a minuscule doubt of potentially compromised integrity of their personal data? The answers to these questions are rooted in safer alternatives, where users are comfortable in sharing even the most sensitive and confidential information without the slightest fear of a breach or compromise.

Frequent occurrences of hacker exploits and system defects and vulnerabilities are most damaging to the user as well as the data that is susceptible to exploitation. While such activities are bound to happen at some point, the user should not have to worry about a privacy breach or crumbling at the thought of keeping tabs on the information they decide to share because it is possible to be compromised.

In times like these, a guarantee that user data is protected is a much-necessitated reassurance for information exchange. FortKnoxster is the foremost global platform to ensure protected information exchange via military-grade encrypted communication channels.

To date, FortKnoxster represents the most sophisticated and air-tight encryption platform. FortKnoxster is the one platform to deliver the desired protection for clients, whether they are individuals or organizations. Security and encryption across communication channels protect the integrity of the most sensitive information exchanged, and that is indeed a sought-after solution in a time where information is exploited for surveillance, intel gathering, amid other operations.

FortKnoxster uses end-to-end encryption by design on all messages, calls, and files that are exchanged via the platform. When a user registers for a FortKnoxster account, multiple cryptographic keypairs are produced on their local device to encrypt and decrypt communications and data. The user’s password is used to generate encryption keys, which are only known by the user.

FortKnoxster is running on the Ethereum Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and IPFS where the airtight security channels are sealed by the cryptographic signatures generated when users communicate via the platform.

Furthermore, an upgrade to FortKnoxster PRO with the option of several payment methods including the FortKnoxster Coin (FKX) provides you with benefits including unlimited storage.

More than an Encrypted Messaging App

All users of FortKnoxster, individuals, and companies are provided with a comprehensive Crypto SuiteTM of private and encrypted messaging, calling, crypto wallet, and cloud storage.

In the Crypto Suite users can:

  • Buy crypto
  • Store crypto
  • Exchange crypto
  • Stake crypto
  • Send crypto directly in chat
  • And many more great features – all-in-one.

The uncertainty of cyberspace and ever-growing exploitation attacks that severely threaten the integrity of private data calls for ironclad encryption putting the user at ease that their information is safe and sound under the protection of FortKnoxster.

More information about FortKnoxster’s end-to-end encryption and privacy capabilities may be found on the Security website.

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