Why is Raido Financial A Secure and Reliable Option?

Place/Date: Belize - December 20th, 2018 at 12:24 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Why is Raido Financial A Secure and Reliable Option?

If you have been following the news for the past couple of days, you are aware of the fact that more than 31 crypto exchanges have been hacked in the past one year alone and more than 1.3 billion US dollars have been stolen. Although you might assume that a crypto exchange which has the most appealing and secure interface is the one you should opt for, the truth can’t be further away. In almost everything related to digital finance and especially cryptocurrency, doing your homework before trusting is very important.

The Insecure Cryptocurrency Market

A lot of people who are entering the market these days, tend to go with the belief that the crypto exchanges who dominate the market with their sheer volume of scale and size will definitely be the most trustworthy, but this is often not the case. For example, in a recent report, it was found that Binance, which is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the market today scored very low in terms of robustness and protection for the end user. With a score of 63 on a scale of 100, it is easy to know that although they are a dominant player in the market, they are surely not the most trustworthy.

The report also revealed that more than 41 percent of the crypto exchanges in the market today allow passwords which are 8 characters or less. Thus it can be understood that nothing is perfect in the crypto market and as an investor, you really need to do your homework before choosing a trading platform.

Raido Financial – A Secure Solution

Raido Financial is the love child of some of the most well-known experts in the crypto currency trade and therefore it comes with several features which makes it unique, secure, and stable at the same time.

Mentioned below are some of the most well-known features of Raido:

  • Single Multi-Currency Wallet: Once you register on the Raido Financial platform, you get access to a multicurrency wallet which stores all your crypto assets and lets you carry out investment operations, exchange as well as trading in the most secure and profitable way possible. The advantage of having a single multicurrency wallet is that you don’t need to change platforms in order to trade your varied portfolio, and thus put the security of your assets at a risk. The platform has developed 2 MVP products and multicurrency wallet is one of those products.
  • Cryptocurrency Raido Exchange : Raido Exchange, the second MVP product is developed by the expert team of Raido professionals to offer reliable and effective technical solutions. These solutions offer functionalities trading of CFD contracts, automatic purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, use of a multifunctional API of more than 50 cryptocurrency tools, universal technical analysis, data encryption, aggregation and distribution of liquidity, and an integrated AI trading module.
  • Cold Storage: Cold Storage of cryptocurrency assets is one of the newest technologies in the market. With cold storage in place, all your cryptocurrency assets are stored safely and securely in an offline wallet which has no internet connection. This significantly reduces the chances of a hack taking place, thus keeping your assets safe at all times.
  • Two-factor Authentication: With the latest rise in the number of hacks targeted at crypto exchanges, the need for two-factor authentication has become a necessity than a luxury. Raido Financial has integrated this feature across all their services, which means that there are multiple security steps that need to be completed before a transaction can finally take place.
  • Optimum Security: The platform integrates a high-tech security system to protect users financial assets in the ecosystem. Technologies such as IP filtering, two-factor authentication, data encryption, cryptographic protection, etc. ensure a safe and secure trading experience to all investors and traders on the platform.

Raido – Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Trade

Raido Financial is a blockchain-based network that enables users to perform all types of trading operations seamlessly on a single platform. The platform has effectively incorporated the latest technologies to provide investors with a secure, comprehensive, and efficient crypto trading experience.