WISEPLAT: Blockchain System of New Generation

October 27th, 2017 at 7:28 am UTC · 4 min read

Oleg Shpagin, the founder of WISEPLAT and the platform ideologist, says: “Blockchain will go down in history as one of the most revolutionary and advanced technologies of all times. The economy is passing through the next stage of its development. It is a crucial point when business processes, speed of result generation, confidence in business partners are changing, the problem of the dictator is being solved. It is excellent and genious! WISEPLAT was intended for large positive changes for many people in the world!”

Even today the most advanced companies implement blockchain in their business processes. It gives them a possibility to compete and enlarge their market shares. In its turn, the blockchain economy is improved, a new system is developed which has been created on the basis of bitcoin experience and other projects of the first generation. WISEPLAT is such a cryptocurrency of the new generation.

WISEPLAT has the following key tasks:

  • High network capacity;
  • High network scaling;
  • Possibility to deploy private blockchains connected to the main blockchain;
  • Smart contracts between private blockchains and between a private blockchain and the main blockchain;
  •  Optionally, the user can verify only his/her own account.
  • Easy creation of applications connected to the main blockchain.
  • Possibility to choose the most reliable applications.

WISEPLAT originates from Ethereum using its standards.  

The main technical difference from all existing platforms is the new architecture that includes three levels. The first level is a payment system. The second level is applications (insurance, medicine, notaries, etc.). The third level is private blockchains (blockchains of private organizations).

The platform enables to exchange token assets and conduct ICO (crowdfunding). This is the first level.

The second level includes such applications as an exchange, a trading platform, games, copyright confirmation systems, insurance, Р2Р lending, etc. All these applications like startups start low and can grow up to stable business. Every new application of WISEPLAT uses the WISE token. The owner of WISE can use it in any selected application.

Today there are no platforms similar to WISEPLAT, that’s why open-minded entrepreneurs have to reproduce new forks from different platforms. A huge number of cryptocurrencies appear. If the user decides to use tokens of a specific blockchain for another blockchain, he will need to pay interest for token exchange. Thus, an intermediary appears, while WISEPLAT – a really decentralized system – excludes completely intermediary services even between different applications.

The third level includes private blockchain organizations. They can easily deploy their own chain using a simplified (almost packaged) solution. Availability of a simplified (practically packaged) solution for deployment of private blockchains enables to reduce the number of programmers greatly and save on the salary fund. Every new employed programmer has already known the packaged solution, he only needs to become familiar with specific features of the enterprise. It saves the salary fund greatly. Many things are rationalized in WISEPLAT, even the fact that the new blockchain can prove reliability and credibility to its organizer. Like the company’s authorized capital, the new project enables to fix in the main blockchain a deposit that plays the role of the authorized capital in the organization. Also, smart contracts between private blockchains are implemented on the platform, as there is no business without agreements.

Such business models of enterprizes will become standard. The WISEPLAT ecosystem is based on this.

In October WISEPLAT is to produce 10 million WISE tokens. It will enable to introduce blockchain in many organizations in the world, as our society is passing through the period of economy globalization across the whole planet.


WISEPLAT is the Next Generation Blockchain System. Blockchain WISEPLAT operates not with one blockchain,  but with two main blockchains and a lot of blockchains for individual applications. The first blockchain is for operations with WISE tokens (fast transactions, PoW),  the second blockchain is for the application catalog with lockout WISE in favor of application users (scaling, DPoS / PoW).  This separation allows WISEPLAT to conduct fast transactions with WISE tokens  and provide effective scalability for applications.

WISEPLAT has a strong team of developers whose experience includes work in such organizations as Renaissance Group, Pepsico, Credit Suisse, CTI Education Group, NMB Bank, Standard Bank South Africa, Oracle Financial Services, Standard Bank Group, FNB South Africa, Symbiotics Application Services, CyberPro Consulting, Old Mutual, Kaspersky Lab, X5 Retail Group, Inline Group, etc.

Oleg Shpagin heads the team of WISEPLAT which includes such great specialists as Ronald Buruuru, Marina Pletneva, Prabanand Rathnam, Marat Isanov, Shingirai Rumuma, Ilghar Khalilov.

Website: https://oswiseplat.org
Video https://youtu.be/7Fm_qN5jVvo