World’s First Tokenized Video Geo-Platform Is Coming To The Blockchain

April 16th, 2018 at 1:51 pm UTC · 4 min read

YIZOOT has announced the launch of a new blockchain enabled business, which enables content creators, brands and viewers to transcend the traditional video landscape to deliver unique, location-relevant and interactive user experiences.

YIZOOT, the company behind the innovative AR app, is developing a new video geo-platform, which it believes will revolutionize the world of video. It is the world’s first interactive media platform to support its own tokens, allowing anyone to purchase a geo-channel mapped to any location in the world.

The platform utilizes the YIZOOT Token, which is the only means by which digital assets can be exchanged in the YIZOOT ecosystem. The Ethereum Blockchain supports Smart Contracts that facilitate active and dynamic collaborations between video creators, advertisers and viewers.

Participants can become landowners by buying geo-channels which are essentially video channels linked to discrete hexagonal areas on YIZOOT World. Advertisers will bid for the linking of ads on specific geo-channels and be able to align bids to specific themes and genres via the advertising portal which has an Intelligent Pairing Protocol Engine.

Video creators, who can also be geo-channel owners, can tether content to their own and/or targeted third party geo-channels. Where third party geo-channels are involved, they will determine which videos can be tethered to their channels, and which content, if any, should be restricted.

Content creators also have the option to allow videos to be automatically uploaded to the geo-channels in which they were created. Geo-channels can be branded and completely controlled by their owners.

Video creators can produce imaginative Augmented Reality (AR) videos on their phones using YIZOOT’s groundbreaking app. YIZOOT’s proprietary Interactive Video Format (IVF) also yields a richer product resulting in a more engaging viewer experience.

Videos can be optimized with the IVF by linking them to location-relevant supplementary information/entertainment using criteria set by the geo-channel owners. Viewers will be able to browse videos via an innovative, geographic YIZOOT World interface.

About the Token Offer

200 million YIZOOT Tokens will be issued, of which 100 million (50%) will be made publicly available. Of these, 40 million will be made available during the Pre-Token Offer, starting on the 30th of April.

Another 45 million tokens will be set aside as a reserve for an Incentive Fund, to encourage and reward content creators to bring their videos across to YIZOOT. YIZOOT has also unveiled a bounty program that remunerates anyone who helps to create awareness about YIZOOT.

Whether they like YIZOOT on Facebook, sign up for the newsletter or blog about the token sale, participants can earn YIZOOTs for each action from the 5 million tokens allocated for this. All unsold tokens will be burned when the Token Offer expires.

How it benefits content creators

Decentralizing this industry will remove a centralized authority from the value chain and put content creators and brands back in control, while providing proof of creation and proof of ownership.

In the process, advertising fees will flow to all the participants making the YIZOOT ecosystem tick – the geo-channel owners, video creators and viewers.

Furthermore, content creators used to be held back by issues such as censorship, trust and transparency.

The blockchain, being transparent as to who owns what, and secure and dependably neutral, will enable parties to continue to create engaging, uncensored channel content, coupled with compelling advertising that is relevant to the audiences and fully endorsed by the geo-channel owners.

Reserve the best geo-channels now

With YIZOOT covering every part of the world’s surface, the demand for iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House will be huge. Those interested in owning a stake of the promising future of video content production and distribution can reserve geo-channels now, with absolutely no obligation to purchase them later, by visiting