Meet XAYA: New Generation Combining Blockchain Technology and Gaming

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Meet XAYA: New Generation Combining Blockchain Technology and Gaming
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An exciting new development has come into force where blockchain technology and gaming come together as one – the next generation of video games has truly arrived.

The gaming industry is constantly growing, becoming more and more advanced as technology itself further develops. This expands the possibilities and experiences for games worldwide. Gamers have been blessed with many gaming consoles and platforms, from PlayStation, Xbox, to PC.

Today, XAYA has introduced a new revolution – blockchain gaming. The new platform consists of a serverless system, that is unstoppable and censorship resistant. These Blockchain games turn game worlds into Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU’s), giving players more control over their experience than they’ve ever had before.

Blockchain gaming is an exciting development poised to disrupt the industry on a global scale. XAYA is a custom Blockchain, specifically for gaming, emerging as a flagship initiativ, which believes that the combination of Blockchain technology and video games could be a revolution for both industries.

About XAYA

In 2013, the same team completed the Huntercoin project, bringing Blockchain gaming to the world with this successful experiment. The team is formed of leading professionals in both industries, who have worked at creating game worlds that support millions of players (through MMO) and real time trustless gameplay.

The ultimate custom platform is specifically designed for gaming that enables real-time, costless, and infinitely scalable gameplay in a decentralized fashion. XAYA is true Blockchain gaming, using cutting edge technology to provide new genres, decentralized virtual worlds, and no central servers.

An example of one of the genres XAYA have introduced to the platform is Human Mining. Developed during the Huntercoin project, the emerging genre consists of Blockchains which are propagated, and rewards are attainable based on players’ successes during online activities.

Mainnet Live

XAYA’s mainnet enables users to have real asset ownership, meaning they have access to their asset wallets and integrated game wallets. This allows users register names and use accounts across the games operated by XAYA.

The first game created by XAYA is due to launch on mainnet in the near future. Treat Fighter (developed by TrickyFast Studios), is a strategy MMO game where players carry out expeditions, collect resources, craft items and battle other players.

Soccer Manager Crypto is another game set to launch on XAYA by the end of this year. SMC is poised to become the most popular Blockchain game upon release, with projections predicting over 50 million downloads.

Calling All Developers: Helped Wanted

The project is ready to see activities from outside developers. Prior knowledge of solidity or any Blockchain programme language is not required – XAYA is the simplest platform out there for Blockchain gaming development and can be coded in any language desired. New and experienced developers are welcome to present and publish their own creations alongside the game studios working with XAYA.

Main Sale

The biggest sum of CHI will become available during the main sale, scheduled to commence on the 29th of August 2018 (for six weeks), hosted on the Qryptos exchange platform.

The first phase of the main event will see 4,500,000 CHI in total available, while the second stage participants will be offered as much as ~115,000,000 CHI.  Early contributors can purchase project’s coins at the rate 0.00002 BTC/CHI plus 15% bonus.

XAYA has brought something new to the world of technology, creating a community where blockchain users, developers, and gamers can equally enjoy a new and improved experience.

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