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XT.COM Lists XACT in Its Main Zone

April 6th, 2023 at 1:56 pm UTC · 4 min read

XT.COM Lists XACT in Its Main Zone

XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, is thrilled to announce the listing of XACT on its platform in the main zone and the XACT/USDT trading pair will be open for trading from 2023-04-06 10:00 (UTC).

  • Users can deposit XACT for trading at 2023-04-05 10:00(UTC)
  • Withdrawals for XACT will open at 2023-04-07 10:00 (UTC)

About XACT Token (XACT)

XACT is an ERC20 token deployed on the polygon blockchain with a max supply of 10 billion with a current circulating supply of 100 million tokens. XACT serves as the native digital asset of the XACT ecosystem by revolutionizing its rewards program through “XAct Rewards”: a secure, decentralized platform to manage and exchange rewards. This token also empowers users to enhance their shopping and allow users to accumulate rewards.

There are multiple other services available within the ecosystem using the XACT token. XAct Lending enables users to enjoy shopping while leveraging the value of their crypto assets by pledging their crypto to get a credit limit they can use to make purchases. XAct Card allows users to load funds using cryptocurrency, receive cashback based on XAct token staking, and enjoy the convenience of a traditional prepaid card. XAct Survey allows brands and stores to conduct surveys on merchants or users and incentivizes participation through rewarding participants with XAct Tokens. The XAct Survey provides a simple and effective way for companies to gather valuable insights from their target audience while offering a reward for those who participate. Using XAct Surveys, companies can easily design and distribute surveys to gather important information and feedback from their customers.

Merchants benefit from the ease and convenience of offering cashback through XACT tokens, redeemable for future purchases, convertible to other currencies, or held as valuable assets. XAct tokens can be earned through the platform’s cashback system, which is guaranteed and instant, generating up to 1% per month based on their staking level, and fully capitalize on the benefits of the XACT ecosystem. On the other hand, XAct Token allows users to earn rewards through staking their tokens. The XAct Token serves as a utility currency within the XActRewards platform, providing users with a range of benefits and opportunities.

According to Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM crypto exchange, the addition of XACT tokens to the platform is an exciting development for both the exchange and the XACT ecosystem. He said:

“We are thrilled to welcome XACT tokens to the exchange. The XACTRewards ecosystem is a prime example of how blockchain technology can revolutionize the rewards and incentives industry. By providing a secure and decentralized platform to manage and exchange rewards, XACT is empowering users to enhance their shopping experience and accumulate rewards in a way that was not possible before. We are proud to be a part of this innovative project and look forward to supporting the growth of the XACT ecosystem on our exchange.”

XACTRewards Ecosystem

The XACTRewards ecosystem brings a fresh perspective to the rewards and incentives industry by incorporating the power of decentralization and blockchain technology. As a DAO-based platform, it empowers XACT token holders to participate in the platform’s future growth, fostering a sense of community involvement. XACTRewards offer cashback in the form of cryptocurrency, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing loyalty programs and used across various goods and services.

The demand for crypto rewards in both the eCommerce and the banking sector demonstrates the increasing popularity and the shifting preference towards digital assets. Rewards in cryptocurrencies have moved beyond being a niche, now attracting loyal customers who value the security and versatility offered by blockchain technology instead of specific points associated with a particular company and restraining how users can utilize such points. XACTRewards is poised to redefine the rewards and incentives landscape by blending the robustness of blockchain technology with traditional cashback systems. This innovative approach creates a solution that is both practical and forward-thinking, paving the way for the future of rewards and incentives.

XACTRewards socials: Twitter, Telegram, Whitepaper.

About XT.COM

Founded in 2018, XT.COM serves more than 6 million registered users, over 1,000,000+ monthly active users, 40+ million users in the ecosystem, and 800+ trading pairs. Since then, XT.COM cryptocurrency exchange has expanded its offerings by covering a rich variety of trading categories to provide a secure, trusted, and intuitive trading experience for its large user base. One such addition is Crypto Futures Trading which includes USDT-M Futures and coin-M futures perpetual contracts, as well as prediction markets where users can conduct transactions by predicting the results of future events. Additionally, the Futures Grid allows users to automate the buying and selling of futures contracts to make profits.

XT.COM socials: Twitter, Telegram.

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