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Yat Partners with to Level the Web3 Playing Field, Expand Access to Crypto

June 17th, 2022 at 7:36 am UTC · 4 min read

Yat Partners with to Level the Web3 Playing Field, Expand Access to Crypto

Yat, the company transforming online identities through personalized emojis, today announced its integration with, one of the world’s most trusted crypto companies that helps millions across the globe safely access cryptocurrencies. The integration was announced at Yat’s Emoji Drop 4 livestream event.

Yat’s partnership with will play a crucial role in the company’s mission to provide everyone with equal access to the world of cryptocurrency. The new integration will enable 83 million wallet holders to send and receive digital currency to a Yat instead of a complicated digital currency address.

Yat CEO, Naveen Jain, said:

“Our mission at Yat is to build the preferred form of self-sovereign identity for everyone on earth. is one of the world’s most trusted and widely used crypto platforms, and we’re delighted to partner with them to help simplify crypto addresses and level the playing field for both Web3 natives and those who are new to the space.”

With Yat, users can replace their complex and impossible-to-remember crypto addresses with short strings of emojis. All this is done with the intent to simplify the sending and receiving process while also allowing users to express themselves. All told, over 165,000 Yats have been created to date; combinations include  👁❤️🍦 and 🦊🦄💃🏻.

With the new integration, Yat users can easily link their wallet addresses to their Yat. To do so, they will first need to create a Yat, then download’s Wallet app. From there, users can start mapping their cryptocurrency addresses with ’s wallet manager. is the latest in a series of esteemed crypto leaders to partner with Yat. Jason Karsh, VP of Marketing at, said:

“We’re always looking for ways to improve crypto adoption by making it easier to interact with wallet addresses, which can often be complex. By partnering with Yat, we are not only making it easier to send and receive crypto in your Wallet but also fun 🎉🎉.”

Yat hasn’t just caught the attention of its peers in the crypto space, it’s also garnered popularity amongst artists and musicians like Steve Aoki (🎂🎵), Lil Wayne (👽🎵), Kesha (🌈🚀👽), and Common (✌️❤️), to name a few. Today, Aoki announced the integration to the world during a special livestream performance hosted by Yat.

To further celebrate the integration, Yat and are hosting a meme contest on Twitter. Those who can come up with the best meme using a picture of Steve Aoki and his Yat 🎂🎵 are eligible to win an A0k1verse passport, an NFT that grants holders unrivaled access to both on-chain and physical experiences from Steve Aoki, including special access to his shows, tickets, physical and digital collectibles, and more. Entries will be judged by Yat,, and Steve Aoki.

About Yat

Yat Labs is the inventor of Yats – a self-sovereign identity solution based on emojis. Emojis are used to convey emotion, tell stories, connect, and share interests in beautifully simple ways, making Yats a brand-new way to express oneself online. Yats enable people to own a custom string of emojis that best represent them; instead of a typical text-based username like @janesmith535, someone could be 🔥🐉, or 👁❤️🍦, or 🦄🤖💃🏽.

Yats have exploded in popularity since their launch on February 1, 2021, and are currently being used by artists such as Steve Aoki, Lil Wayne, Common, G-Eazy, The Roots, Kesha, and Disclosure. Anyone can create their own Yat and be an icon.

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