10 Countries That Are Fintech Leaders Today

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10 Countries That Are Fintech Leaders Today
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Fintech continues to dominate the world these days. We offer you to take a closer look at the countries that have managed to become leaders in this sphere.

No longer is financial technology – or Fintech – a concept, when it comes to serving consumers, when it comes to their money. Often seen as a bridge between financial services and people, Fintech has been most praised for what sheer transparency it offers. And, with more Fintech-related solutions and products on the way, this industry will continue to transform financial surveys for the better. Let’s check out the 10 countries that make up the Fintech industry, and how they fit in it.

United States of America

“Fintech has transformed the financial industry significantly in the U.S. in 2020 alone, compared to previous years,” says William Pope, a business writer at State of writing and Ukservicesreviews. “Even surpassing the United Kingdom, the US has amassed over $16,3B in investments and more than 1000 deals and contracts for Fintech in 2019. And, with Fintech giants like Stripe, Coinbase, and Robinhood, the US continues to be the absolute leader in this market.”


Thanks to stability, Singapore shows great Fintech results. Singapore’s government has seen potential in Fintech, to the extent that it has allocated so much funding to this industry, paving the way for startups like TenX, Quoine, and Kyber Network to continue growing and developing the industry.


Considered to be one of the richest countries in the world along with Norway), why wouldn’t Switzerland invest in Fintech? With firms like Ethereum and Avaloq Group leading the industry there, Switzerland delivers in strong Fintech promise with the following factors:

  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain
  • Crowdfunding
  • Wealth management

United Kingdom

Just behind the US, the UK has certainly shown plenty of progress in Fintech advancements. Since its realization of Fintech in 2019 – which had led to over $4,9B in investments, and 359 deals and contracts, Fintech continues to dominate in the UK by housing a few of the most popular financial hubs: TransferWise, BGL Group, Greensill, etc.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, despite its imperfections, is actually another leader in Fintech. How?

First, with low unemployment rates, and an advanced economy, these positives paved the way for Fintech to flourish and be adopted by the Dutch. Plus, this country is an excellent player with alternative lending, digital payments, and investments, with over 15,000 dedicated experts there to help people make sense of this transparent technology.


Australia is another Fintech leader, with Sydney as its ambassador. This is especially the case since Fintechs like Judo Bank, Airwallex, MoneyMe, and Afterpay have promoted and helped this country embrace newer technology that comes from the financial field. Despite having imperfections of its own like the Netherlands, Australia still sees room for improvement, thus becoming an expert in digital payments, personal finance, and alternative lending.


Estonia has a surprising reception when it comes to Fintech. From producing great results every year to come up with innovative practices to better the system, Estonia has transformed the following for the better, with firms like Fortumo and Veriff leading the cause:

  • Personal finance, AND
  • Alternative lending
  • Digital payments


“Sweden is home to Stockholm, which currently holds the title for being the second most large Fintech hub in Europe,” says Pam Sayers, a fintech blogger from Via Writing and Writing populist. “In fact, Sweden is also home to the most successful Fintech startups like iZettle, Klarna, and Anyfin, and even embracing the power of digital payments and SME that blow conventional banks out of the water.”


Canada is also a Fintech-friendly country, making it a good launching pad for new businesses and startups, thanks to the following:

  • Progressive banking system
  • Low business fees
  • Leading research centers,

And, with more than $670M invested in Fintech, and 81 deals and contracts as of 2019, Canada is doing fairly well, with firms like Carta, Borrowell, and Wave leading the charge in areas like:

  • Crypto & blockchain
  • Insurance
  • Lending


Finally, Lithuania makes this list, because of its powerplay of startups like Stockinvest, Coingate, and NEO Finance showing significantly great results in the industry of Fintech. With many new Fintech-related future plans on the way, as well as the fastest WiFi speed in Europe, things like payments, lending, and banking have never been easier for these consumers.


As Fintech continues to dominate the world, these 10 countries will continue to produce great results, and change how people handle their finances. With more digital transformations to come, it doesn’t look like Fintech has any plans of slowing down any time soon.

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