16th The Blockchainer Asia Tour

November 6th, 2018 at 8:51 pm UTC · 3 min read

It was great experience to understand and learn from different blockchain startups all over the world and some of them were so promising with huge potential! Special thanks to MLG, CycleBit, H2-Industries, MovieCoin, Platio, Givit, BaaS. Business, BrikBit, Mobu. You all did a great job!

How Active are the Investors in Asia?

Compare with the investment market in Shanghai and Beijing, is there any different in South China and South Korea?

We together with 4 startups from US, Canada, Sweden and Germany, visited not only crypto funds, but some traditional funds which are still investing in blockchain startups actively in Shenzhen. Thanks supports and sharing from QF Capital, ZB Capital, MBlock Capital, HIMALAYA Capital and Zhizhen Tianlong Investment. Sure thing that more collaboration will be established after the private meetings.

We found most of the crypto funds are a little bit quiet and down after several investment tours in Shanghai and Beijing because of the bear market. So that we involved some traditional equity investors as blockchain investment is popular among old moneys in China and South Korea after been beaten a long shot by crypto funds during 2017-2018. And most of them believe blockchain can help them for a breakthrough.

Hongkong, China

HK is a free port for cryptos and the securities regulator issued some positive policies on Nov. 1,2018, saying it could move to formally regulate exchanges. We together with our partner, Higgs Capital, convened a middle-size roadshow in Hongkong during the tour.

We got warm welcome from HK blockchain ppl and special thanks to Mai Capital, BlackHourse Capital, ANX, and DNA Capital, etc. It’s a smart move that Hong Kong has chosen to regulate and let’s grow together with this rising-up market.

Seoul, Korea

South Korea is now one of the major cryptocurrency markets and ambitious to be the global center of blockchain. It was announced recently that the South Korean government will plans to invest $880 million in blockchain technology systems next year. Investment atmosphere here is active and we got some really good feedback from our capital partners.

Special thanks to BlockWater Capital, Nexus One Capital, BCI, BlockchainI, Quantum Ventures Korea, Broad One Capital, InterVest and Quest Capital etc. Korean investors used to prefer exchanges projects, but now they are also showing interests in STO, stable coins, users base projects and so on.

Let’s Meet Again in the Popular Crypto City – Seoul

After several Asia investment tours, we feel more investment opportunities in Seoul Korea and even some of our Korean partners from traditional equity investment firms told us their new investment plans in blockchain. Bear market, good price and timing for them to start the new business.

Don’t miss the great opportunities in early Dec. 2018! We will organize another Seoul Investment Tour and Roadshow in Korea from Dec.2-4th. Let’s explore the capital network in Seoul together!

In Blockchain, We Trust!

Last but not the least, sincerely appreciate our tour media partners’ great support! Thank you!


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