2nd Edition – Virtual Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium 2021

June 6th, 2021 at 8:23 pm UTC · 3 min read

2nd Edition - Virtual Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium 2021

Event Overview

Theme: Accessing The Value Of Blockchain In Healthcare Industry
Date: 26th June 2021

Blockchain innovation can possibly change medical services, putting the patient at the focal point of the health care environment and expanding the security, protection, and interoperability of user patient data. This innovation is proficient, disintermediated, and secure. Blockchain innovation sets out remarkable open doors to reduce data theft, empower collaboration effort, and make secure and permanent data. To follow this quickly developing field to distinguish patterns and sense zones where government backing might be required for the innovation to understand its maximum capacity in medical services. To shape blockchain’s future, ideas like planning and assembling the blockchain environment, building up a blockchain structure to organize early-adopters.

Hence, #VBIH2021 offers healthcare professionals an opportunity to understand how blockchain technology can harness the capabilities in healthcare by consuming the knowledge from Blockchain experts, who are striving hard to make blockchain a valuable tool for healthcare industry in present & future pandemics.

We invite all the healthcare professionals to be a part of “2nd Edition Virtual Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium”, on 26th June 2021.

Agenda/key topics to be discussed:

  • Empowering individual’s consent in healthcare using blockchain
  • Blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs: what can they do for healthcare
  • Blockchain in Healthcare Insurance
  • Decentralized clinical trials in the post pandemic world and the role of Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT)
  • Blockchain Healthcare Information Exchange, A Sustainable Decentralized Framework managing Medical Records
  • Future of Healthcare Data Sovereignty and Data Liquidity, Empowering through Blockchain
  • Overview of Digital Healthcare & Emerging Market
  • Africa’s Response to Covid-19 – How Blockchain Technology is impacting public health sector
  • Blockchain technology: Transforming life Science Industry

Prestigious speakers & panelist of this edition #VBIHS2021:

  • Heather Flannery – Founder & CEO, Consensys Health – USA
  • Dr. Mussaad AL-Razouki – CBDO, Kuwait Life Science Company (KLSC) – Kuwait
  • Dr. Alex Cahana, Founding Partner, BTblock Health Group – USA
  • Mr. Rama Rao, Co-founder & CEO , Bloqcube – USA
  • Dr. Vikram Venkateshwaran, Founder & Editor, Healthcare India – India
  • Dr. Mazin Ghadir, Digital Health and Innovation Consultant – UAE
  • Jim Nasr, CEO – Acoer – USA
  • Helen Diney – CEO- Unblocked – UK
  • John Kamara – Founder – AI Centre of Excellence – Africa
  • IRENE KIWIA, Director and Partner- Afya Rekod – Tanzania, Africa
  • Anshul Srivastav, Chief Information & Digital officer-Union Insurance – UAE
  • Dr. Ronald M. Harris Co-Founder – Afya Rekod – USA
  • Dr. Najeeb Al-Shorbaji , President e-Health Development Association – Jordan
  • Dr. Samanatha Nazareth, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) – Metame – USA
  • Claire Matuka, Data scientist -AI Centre of Excellence – Kenya
  • Anca Petre, Co-founder & Digital health Entrepreneur, 23 Consulting – Paris, France
  • Sophie Smith , Co-founder and CEO-NABTA HEALTH – UAE
  • Dr. Osama Elhassan, co-founder and the vice-chair of Emirates Health Informatics Society – UAE
  • Dr Ntuthuko Bhengu, Founder-Alchemy Health Technologies – South Africa

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About The Event

Virtual Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium #VBIHS2021 is poised to be a platform where people related to healthcare industry can gain in-depth knowledge on how blockchain can leverage healthcare industry in present & future pandemics. It also convenes the necessary resources to drive systemic transformation and unleash the full potential of blockchain in healthcare industry.


Blockchain in Healthcare

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