433 Tokens Set to Bridge the Gap Between Soccer Stars and Fans

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433 Tokens Set to Bridge the Gap Between Soccer Stars and Fans
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A new platform 433 Tokens enables fans vote on games and communicate with football legends. It has won the support of Mr. Paul Scholes and Mr. Andriy Shevchenko, who will personally participate in the ecosystem.

It hardly needs saying that blockchain is penetrating into every sphere of our life, and sport is no exception. Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world, but despite its popularity, there is always a gap between the superstars and the fans. There is never really any direct interaction. To bridge the gap between soccer superstars, youth talents
and fans, 433 Tokens platform was created.

433 Tokens (or Soccer Legends Limited) is a technology start-up headquartered in Hong Kong, focusing on blockchain technology. Founded by Jason Sze and Raymond Wong, Soccer Legends Limited aims to apply blockchain technology and smart contract to football. In 2017, Raymond Wong and James Yandle (co-founder of Global Legends Series) had their usual chats over a drink.  

Raymond talked about his new investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, while James, who wasn’t really interested, was caught in a dilemma on where to host the next GLS game. Raymond asked James to let the fans decide by voting, and various possible solutions were discussed.  Eventually they clicked on the idea of using blockchain technology on football decisions. And this is how the story began. That idea evolved into 433 Token and the 3 utilities designed for football fans. 

433 Tokens was formally announced during the official press conference on August 8, 2018. By building a blockchain ecosystem, they aspire to empower 3 billion football fans around the world with new capabilities. The 433 community  includes such soccer legends as Andriy Shevchenko and Paul Scholes, which contributes to a very good response to the project. They are Principals, not spokesmen or ambassadors, and they will shoulder true responsibilities and perform meaningful duties.

Football fans love the idea of personal interaction with legends and the opportunity to have a bigger say in football decisions. And a lot of non-football fans like the idea of good character achievers mentoring youth talents. What differentiates 433 Tokens is that the platform focuses on bringing football fans what they want. The spokesperson at Soccer Legends Limited said:

“Because we are part of them. We want to participate in developing the next superstar. We want to interact personally with our heroes, and we want to be heard in football decisions.”

One of the platform’s utilities is voting on games. Fans can vote for the venue, rosters and even game format of regular Global Legends Series game. Winning voters will get free live streaming and priority ticketing.

The project has already got more than 3 billion potential customers. If succesful, 433 Token can be the first Killer App (or dApp) on blockchain. The founders expect the project to be mainstream and legitimate. In the near future, they are planning to see a significant growth of cryptocurrency users, because of 433 Token’s attractiveness towards football fans. 

“Some say blockchain is Internet 3.0, some say Smart Contract will make intermediaries obsolete.  We are not sure about those. We just want to make sure football, the beautiful game we love, takes advantage of proven technological advancement to bring everyone more joy and excitements,’ the company said.

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